Monday, November 12, 2012

Why we chose Christian Adoption Consultants

 This is one of my favorite pictures of all time of Joanna and I- taken by Dorean Beattie.  The story of joining with Christian Adoption Consultants was not just a simple decision that just happened one day.  It is, like most great stories, one of pain and grief......and then God's unfolding healing work of art. 
 This is me being one of the happiest people on the planet!  It's true!  This little angel brought us more joy than we can describe!  It has happened every time God has brought a new bundle of joy into our arms and our homes forever.

Our story started with grief.......something not connected to Joanna or CAC, but it was definitely there.  You see......

Once upon a time there was a family that had fostered and adopted 6 beautiful children through foster care.  Then their eyes were opened to the great need for families all over the world.  So they opened their hearts to Ethiopia, and asked God "who is our child"?  God answered with Jonathan.

As soon as they could they signed right back on with All God's Children to say again- God who do you have in store for us?  Again, there was an answer......a waiting girl......a special child they were so thrilled to be bringing home.  Until (US C*IS- the immigration people) decided that they would deny this family of any chance to bring home this special child.  (trust me it is a loooonnnggg story and there is more about it if you search under the name Naomi).

Their hearts were shattered!  More than shattered.....they were CRUSHED!!!!!!!!!  Under the weight of another loss of a second daughter in just over a year (our Hannah Grace went to live with Jesus before we were able to bring her home).....they couldn't bear it any more!  They felt totally helpless.  What would they do. 
 By this time the mommy had developed a love for blogging.....and she had found a mention of another larger family who had adopted domestically.  WHAT?  Could that possibly be true?  Was it for real?  Pinch me!

After having a conversation with Christian Adoption Consultants- there was a huge weekend retreat happening and well this family was kept very very busy, but in the back of their mind they were thinking....maybe it is possible.  Maybe there is still a way.....just maybe.........
 On Monday after putting the little kiddos to bed for naptime mommy and daddy sat down to talk about this possible dream.  When all of a sudden a phone call came.  Who was it you ask?  It was CAC on the phone with a possible match for us- have we filled out the forms yet?  Would we be interested?

 We were overwhelmed with God's answer of - I am putting your broken wounded hearts back together again.......there is this angel that I have planned to be in your family........are you willing to step out in faith- NOW?  Yes Lord....we are. 
 You see Christian Adoption Consultants is more than just something we are now doing.  It is more than "just a consulting business".  It is way more than a hope or a dream.  It is way more than a prayer sent up. 
 This my what GOD LOOKS LIKE! 
 Christian Adoption Consultants WAS AN ANSWER TO WHAT GOD HAD FOR US!!!!! 
I can't even begin to describe it any other way.

We saw the roadblocks:
more finances,
loooooonnnggggg wait times,
no help in figuring this whole domestic adoption thing out,
no possibility of a large family ever getting "chosen",
and more heartache than we could bear.......

God pointed us to CAC and gave us:
Financial helps to get us there,
VERY short wait time (for us),
someone who walked with us every step of the way and were available to answer all our many questions,
and the REALITY that there are many children born every day THAT NEED FAMILIES! 

We praise God everyday not only now that we get the privilege to work for Christian Adoption Consultants, but that we get to prayerfully get to be apart of God's story with your family!

**To see more on Joanna's crazy God story....go We have a daughter, Pics of Joanna, Journey to Joanna pt 1, Journey to Joanna pt 2, Journey to Joanna pt 3.     

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  1. Rejoicing with you over this new journey that the Lord has you on!

    Praying that the Lord will guide and direct us to a new journey soon. We are of waiting and wondering what the Lord has for us.

    May your day be BLESSED, my friend!

    Laurel :)