Friday, November 16, 2012

Why we chooose CAC- AGAIN! (Michael's Story)

 So last week I wrote why we choose to use Christian Adoption Consultants the first time - with Joanna.  To say it was a whirlwind is a huge understatement!  This last time........Jason and I really felt because of the Lord's prompting that there was another child that was to be in our home, but this child was going to be special.  We were looking at Down Syndrome or other needs and we were trusting that God would place on our hearts this child......when He found them for us. 

***Today's pictures brought to you by the different ways we help Michael use different muscles and help him get better at balance :).  Also brought to you by flashback to some older pictures of our sweetie pie!! 
THIS is what we wrote when we first decided to announce our paper chase/crazy we are paper pregnant announcement!
 THIS is how we announced to you all that we had a match with our sweet baby boy!!!!!
 THIS is our son's story.  It is hard.  There is no other way to say it.  It is unfair and heartbreaking.  But God doesn't say anything will be easy.  Instead HE SAYS HE WILL BE WITH US!  Praise God HE HAS BEEN WITH US!  I believe HE has also been in the pain, and has been busy healing Michael's first healing family!  They are so very amazing and loved by us.  If you have ever thought disruption just seems so need to know, God HEALS!  Doesn't mean there still are not hurts, but GOD HEALS and is REDEMPTION FOR ALL WHO COME TO HIM!
 So why did we choose Christian Adoption Consultants again? 
When our whirlwind happened, we had every question answered
We had great advice on how to deal with every detail of our adoption!! 
We had SUPPORT through the WHOLE PROCESS! 
We had people who CARED about our daughter, and then our son!  They were excited with us!!!
EXPERIENCE- there is NO replacement for someone who "gets it". 
We now knew we could adopt a child with a large family- DOMESTICALLY! 
We now knew that we could go to Christian Adoption Consultants and they would provide a profile that was AMAZING!
We knew we could get resources to MANY SITUATIONS!  Not wait for a long time just twiddling our thumbs.....
We knew they would give us financial information to help us get grant information- making an adoption more affordable.
 We trusted Christian Adoption Consultants because they make sure that they do all they can to HELP YOU AND YOUR CHILD- FIND THE RIGHT FOREVER FAMILY!!!!!!!!
 This little man......I can't describe how he has rocked our world!  I can't even begin to tell you in words because I am already crying......happy tears......
 Turkey- who loves to play with the trash can as a drum......
 Or feel it.......because let's face it - it makes a great sensory toy!
 This little miracle who is already working on standing up! 
 This little man who was CLAIMED by a family that loved HIM SO VERY MUCH, but had to make a heartbreaking decision......
 THIS!  This moment- this little man took my finger, but he had MY HEART!
 This first moment of complete nerves..........overwhelms me just to remember it. 
 This little guy who loves music!
 Loves to suck his thumb......
 Is loved by his daddy!
 Can you see it in his eyes?  That laughter and fun and pure love for his protector?
 This little man.....who we were afraid may not get along well with his "twin"......
 Yeah, you can see this is not a problem. 
 THIS LITTLE MAN STOLE MY HEART!  Some may see him as a special needs child.
I simply see him as MY SON!

That is why I chose Christian Adoption Consultants.  Plain and simple.  If it were not for them......I would have missed 2 of the greatest Blessings in my life!  That is why we are so very excited to get to be on the Christian Adoption Consultants team!  We now get to help YOUR FAMILY! 

We are pleased to offer a discount this month to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month. We will be offering 10% off all full service consulting packages and 20% off all consulting packages for those open to our Minority Adoption Program. (This may not be combined with any other discounts.)
This discount applies to all applications received by the end of this month.
IF you are interested in a child over the age of 3, sibling groups, or a special child- there is ALWAYS a 50% discount.  We want to help ALL children find homes.  We are always needing families for this program because as soon as we find a family- they are matched and there is a need.  If you want to know what it is like raising a child with different needs - go HERE.
For an information packet please email us at 
**There are several different packages available so check it out HERE!
Phone us813-360-7368
or find us on facebook by using the badges on the left hand side bar!!!  
We can't wait to hear of more babes finding families and more families finding babes!

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