Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What if all we had was.........

 This is from my son Joshua......and all I can say is....well all I can do is cry........
 Because he is amazing!  All my children are.  Let's face it adoption has given me way more than I deserve, and more love than I can hold.  The card is very personal, and yet I had to share it with you because this is what adoption is!!!!!  You do not have the same biology, but you have more than what is needed!!!!!  I would not trade that for the world!!
One of my FB friends who totally gets me posted something the other day that struck me and I wanted to share it with you.  "What if all we had today was what we were thankful for yesterday?" 

Now I joked and said thank the Lord we were thankful for our family and food!  Hey, sometimes sarcasm is just there right?  But then I started thinking about it even more.  My heart ran over with thanks!  My mind began to say thank you for ever little thing.  I am not posting what we are thankful for every day this month, but as a family we are doing our best to say words that are helpful and to grow thankful hearts, minds, and attitudes!  That is so very important! 

We want our children to say that how much we have is no where near as important as how much we choose to give and be thankful for.  I pray you will allow that to sink in and become a part of you.  I am going to try to do the same. 
 So this is "big girl" Joanna!  Sleeping in her "big girl" bed.  Ahhhh.......she is now in the room with the rest of her sisters.  And our 2 bunk beds are full of girls.  How beautiful!!!  (Except I am pretty sure Michael is missing her a lot!!  Will post more maybe later on how to remedy that- by maybe moving people around?). 
So if you missed our last post on becoming the newest CHRISTIAN ADOPTION CONSULTANTS-  GO BACK AND READ THAT NOW!!!!!!!!!!  We are more than thrilled to get the privilege of helping others like ourselves navigate their way through domestic adoptions.  It is where our heart is and we are more than happy to be doing this for others!

Praying your day is BLESSED!!! 

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