Saturday, November 3, 2012

HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: The newest Christian Adoption Consultants are........

 These two cuties wanted to say:  GUESS WHAT?  

 So some of you are thinking......I am confused.  Aren't you family consultants for Mother Goose?  Yes, we still work with Mother Goose because mommy will be doing home studies as well as meeting with birth families for them.  This is great because my mom knows a lot about all sides in the adoption process :) 
 So why use a consultant?  That is a GREAT question!  Glad you asked.  

With an agency you will get great service, but you only get their services.  With a consultant you get someone to walk you through the whole process and access to many more situations with many different agencies.  Matches usually take between 6-10 months :)

For those of you with larger families- yep this means EVEN LARGE FAMILIES CAN ADOPT!  Which is one of my favorite reasons ;). 
  • Adoption Consulting a unique concept in adoption that combines consulting, advising, guiding and supporting a couple through the adoption process.  An adoption consultant uses professional adoption experience to act as a personal advisor and walk clients through their adoption journey step by step. Christian Adoption Consultants offers all inclusive consulting and adoption support services such as:

    Adoption Education, Support, and Guidance: We advice and support you throughout the entire adoption process, guiding you every step of the way. 
  • Home Study Guidance and Agency Recommendation: We refer you to an affordable home study agency that can expedite to finish in half the time. We will prepare you for the home study process and educate you on the paperwork needed so you know what to expect. For our couples in Georgia, we can complete your home study for you through our non-profit, licensed adoption agency, Hope For Adoption, Inc. 
  • Agency Match and Placement: We help you adopt quickly by networking with numerous licensed agencies that meet your specific requirements. This not only ensures you a faster adoption, but saves you money. Our agencies waive the upfront application fees to our clients, so you are not wasting your money paying an application fee for an agency you never match with.
  • Family Profile and Dear Birth Mother Letter: We create your Family Profile for you. We know what agencies and birth mothers are looking for, we write a custom narrative and design a unique, professional, creative, yet caring profile to showcase your family. This service also includes professional picture selection, color printing, binding, shipping, and a keepsake copy for your family. 
  • Financial Education: Our financial packet includes information on the Federal Tax Credit, Dependancy Exemption, Pending Tax ID Number, Grants (Contact Information including: Organization Name, Phone Number, Web Address, Application Information), Adoption Fundraisers & Creative Financing, Adoption Support Organizations, Employer Benefits, and Adoption Loans. 
  • Explanation of Adoption Costs: We explain typical agency fee breakdown, average adoption costs, and how to lower agency fees.
  • Education on Birth mother warning signs and Birth father situations: We help our clients reduce the risk associated with adoption by matching with specific birth mothers and steering clear of birth mothers or birth fathers that exhibit common warning signs. Our agencies disclose a full social and medical history of the birth mother and frequently test for drugs and alcohol exposure. 
  • Travel Advice and Tips: Our travel advice and tips include airline and hotel discounts and a packing list for baby. 
  • Family Counseling and Training: Our social workers offer family counseling and parenting classes for our couples that are interested. 
  • Finalization consulting and guidance: We inform you on finalization in-state vs. out of state, finalization fees, adoption attorney referrals, and why you should not pay a retainer fee.
 EVEN BETTER NEWS!!!!!  Since this month is National Adoption Awareness Month there is reduced fees for anyone signing up with us this month!  YES!!!!  It just keeps getting better doesn't it?  We think so. 
We are pleased to offer a discount this month to celebrate National Adoption Awareness Month. We will be offering 10% off all full service consulting packages and 20% off all consulting packages for those open to our Minority Adoption Program. (This may not be combined with any other discounts.)
This discount applies to all applications received by the end of this month.
For an information packet please email us at 
**There are several different packages available so check it out HERE!

 Oh mommy and daddy obviously have a huge heart for special needs children as well :).  Because let's face it they are AWESOME and they want a wonderful family too.  So there is a special program to match with these cuties. 
Sooooo.......if you have any questions:  You can email my mommy and daddy:
Phone us813-360-7368
or find us on facebook by using the badges on the left hand side bar!!!  
We can't wait to hear of more babes finding families and more families finding babes!    

Oh yea....mommy and daddy keep talking about how they are so excited because this is something called a dream job.  I guess it must be really great because they have been so very happy since talking with Amy Young (her and her husband Malcolm founded CAC).  Now just so you know daddy is still working his other job too, but since mommy is at home we have a flexible household.  Can't wait to hear from some of you out there that want to know more!


  1. Congrats!
    This is so awesome for you and such a great fit.
    I might be calling you... I have had this ache in my heart for a long time that there is still a little brown eyed baby out there who belongs to me :)

  2. THAT IS AWESOME NEWS :) So excited!!!!