Friday, November 9, 2012

Happy 13th Birthday Abigail Marie Wright!!!!! WAHOOO our teen!

 So yesterday was a BIG DAY in our home!!!  Why?  Because our oldest young lady turned 13!!!!!  LET'S CELEBRATE!!!!!!!!!!! 
 **Now for those who haven't been around this blog for a while- you will notice quite a few things with birthdays and adoption days.  We open up gifts in our PJ's- why because who wants to wait?  :)  We have fun birthday messages, balloons, banners, and of course a lot of silliness!  Now brace yourself because between yesterday and Jan 6 (less than 2 months away) we have a total of 8- YES 8 different adoption days and birthdays- of course in addition to Thanksgiving and Christmas!  LOTS of cookie bar, cake eating for us these months!!! 
 Joanna.....silly girl
 Yes we see you now baby girl. are cute and remind me way too much of what Abigail used to be like!  Way back when.  Oh dear.  How does the time fly that quickly?
 Michael LOVES balloons- LOVES! 
 Play time!
 Yea, I bop the balloons and my siblings let me!!!  Love this game :)
 Abigail reading some of her cards. 
 Awww.......(check it out Michael wanted some cards too)
 Here we are no frills having fun.
 What?  You mean Abigail is a teenager?  Awww....shucks she is the best big sister ever!  Love you Abigail!
 Joanna what is that face for?  Don't feel bad Abigail- no one can read grandma's handwriting- not even me!  It's all good with patience and a lot of study we will get it done!  ;)  Love my mom!
 WHAT?  Those numbers just don't seem possible.  It was only last week you came to us at 14 months old- visiting at first.  Then officially placed in our home.  A few more surprises from foster care - of course.  But, it doesn't seem possible that it was almost 12 years ago!!!!!  Waaaaaahhhhh.....ok - sorry I will try to pull myself together!!!!! 
 Yep- Before You Meet Prince Charming- because girl we care about you!  We care about your future husband!  And we have prayed for your both since before we met you for the first time!!!!!  LOVE YOU!!!
 True Love waits duo ring :)  Again - how did you get to be so mature? 
 My beautiful girl and I at Claire's picking out ear rings!!!  Ready to get your ears pierced? 
 My girl has great taste!!  :)  What can I say- she is incredible!!!!
 As I look at this yummy dessert (pb reveal bars) I am reminded......
Of the first time we saw you at Bob and Cindy's house walking down the stairs in your sweet cute fuzzy sweater.  You looked so shy, but really you were a flirt!
Of the first time you came to our home for an overnight visit!
For our first crib ever we got to set up in our home!
Of the many times you wowed us with your new words and skills!
Of the many prayers that were answered for you!
Of your biological mom who we have NO doubt Loves you very much and is thinking of you today!
Of all those who love you so very much and we are all so very proud of you and the wonderful young lady you have become!
 Love our family!!!!!!  UGH- I don't ever want to say goodbye to any of you- STOP GROWING UP!!!!!!!!  Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!
 Abigail:  Our oldest child.  We love you beyond words.  You are fun, you love to smile, your heart is so very big and you have never questioned having loads of siblings, you are mature and love to have great conversations, you are sincere in your words and actions, you are a willing helper and a willing leader, you take care of your siblings when needed without complaint- in fact you love it, you are beautiful inside and outside, people are in awe of you because you radiate God in all you do, your heart tells people they can easily trust you, you like to be independent and yet you don't mind mom and dad tagging along, you are forgiving and kind hearted, and your one of a kind!  We love you so very very very much!!!!! 
 Ok classic silly daddy time!  Yes, that is Jason dancing around singing and being silly! 
 Ummm.....daddy the birthday girl is over this way???  What are you doing?
 Ooooooo Michael do you like the candles?  Hmmmm....he says?  Not sure.  Better like them- you will get your turn soon with your adoption day coming up!
 Happy Birthday to la la la la la...........
 There you have it!  My oldest daughter blowing out her candles!  Ok that is it- locking you up in a closet so you will never leave us!!!!!  Said my evil inner voice ;). 
Daddy?  Hey daddy?  What are you doing?  Oh no.....this is what happens when all your other siblings don't have light hair like me.  You get a dad who thinks he is really cool by making your hair stand up with static electricity.  Come on dad- that is such an old trick.  Seriously?  Guess I do look cute anyway.  Good thing I love you dad!  :) 

Pray your week was good (I was sick earlier this week, but am doing much better)!!! 

Haven't been to our blog for a while- that's ok- DON'T MISS THIS HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!  Now our family is helping other families find their children!  WAHOOOO!!!  Pretty awesome stuff.  If you have any questions- just let us know!  :)  We are so thrilled to get to be able to do this.  Have a Blessed Friday!!!

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