Monday, October 31, 2011

These are some great adoption answers!

 So they had these cameras in the bottom of the dinosaurs at Universal where you can see what dinosaurs saw, etc. 
 Elizabeth had to hang on with all her weight just to get it to her level :)

 Daddy and the boys- FOREVER playing tag you're it!  Seriously a never ending game!!!! time!!!  Nothing better!!!!
 Here we are at Hard Rock Cafe.  A very rare treat, but fun for our vacation time!
 Look at all those hungry kiddos......
 Crazy fun!
 Love the pink Cadillac!!!!!!
 Buddy Holly is one of our families favorites...probably because my parents lived in Clear Lake, Iowa for a long time (the place he last performed), and Jason's mum loves his music as well.  In fact we had Buddy Holly songs during our wedding.....oh yeah.....while they were waiting for us to sign the registry :)
The Hard Rock is right outside Universal and is the largest in the world!  This place was HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OK there are sometimes when I find things that just seriously BLESS the socks off of me!!!!!  THIS IS ONE OF THOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you are thinking about adoption, in the middle of an adoption, have adopted, are adopted, or none of the above- READ THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    It is from an adoptee who herself has also given her child for adoption as well.  I guarantee this will be helpful and eye opening!!!

And if you haven't looked at the t-shirts, Christmas ornaments, Africa bags, jewelry, and sooo much more- what are you waiting for?  This not only helps you- Christmas shopping, birthdays, for just for fun, it helps our adoption!!!  Click on the side bar Olive Tree Promise or just donate and leave us a note about what size shirt you want - the Micah 6:8 shirts.  :)


  1. What a fun family time!! Love the pics!!

  2. Ok, so I've been out of the loop with illnesses and hadn't been able to keep up with my wonderful bloggy friends. I hadn't read you were adopting again!!! HAPPY DANCE IN THIS HOUSEHOLD!!!

  3. Hi there! Would you be interested in doing a little guest post for my bog Fostering Thrifty Families about any aspect of the financial realities of being a big, fostering/adopting family? We are looking for some bigger families (I have just two foster children myself) to write about some of the financial issues that impact them. Whether it's how they use coupons to cut their grocery bills, how they save to afford adoption costs, how they homeschool on a budget, or what considerations to make when going on vacation as a larger family. We're open to pretty much anything that's relevant for our readership of foster & adoptive families living on a budget. Drop me a line: fosteringthrifty at Many thanks!

  4. I want a medium pink and large navy blue. I'll send you my address on facebook.