Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Part 2 of the Jason & Dawn story.......The words that melted my heart!

 Yes, this would be the Happy Couple- 14 years and one day ago :) 
This would be our picture.....for our very first homestudy!!!!!  WAAAYYY Back 10 years ago :)

Sooo....oh yes, 4th of July weekend.  Well, let's say I had a great time with friends as we went to the fun fair, to fireworks, the parade (and I would like to point out that Jason wore his British socks to the parade which I pointed out was not really....ummm.....well you know appropriate) and in general had crazy camp type fun together.  If you have ever worked on a summer staff you know what I am talking about.  It is silly things that you totally enjoy.  Well, during our weekend something strange happened- we had frozen pizza.

Most of you are thinking that sounds pretty ordinary to me:  but I promise there was something in the pizza?  We were laughing and hanging around and all of a sudden a conversation started happening.  A conversation about life as in:  I said something about how I needed someone (to marry) with great cooking skills because I can't cook.  Jason piped in and said I can cook (of course he can- AMAZING cooking skills!!!!  That I didn't even know about...yet).

Then I mentioned something about the fact that I really loved my job and "needed a man" who could look after the kids while I was off at work.  Jason replied that he loves kids and would happy to stay home with the kids.  Yeah, it's ok to laugh really really really hard now.  But just sayin' that is how the conversation went. 

Then, well being at my parents we watched Ma & Pa Kettle.  Now the funny part is....we sat on a seat together and my mom happened to take a crazy cute picture of us together.  Realize- I was not interested at this point!  SERIOUSLY!!!  It was a JOKE!!!  Also would like to point out that Ma & Pa Kettle had 8 children as well......just for added sense of crazy humor!

My parents LOVED Jason.  From the beginning no worries about daddy not approving because they LOVED HIM!!!  I still think sometimes they love him more than me :)  he he he......  They loved the fact that he folded all of his "stuff" for the weekend and put it in the corner of the room.  They loved the fact that he was sooo polite- as in true British politeness.  They loved the fact that he talked to them personally- not just in our group.  Yep, he worked his smooth magic with them.

So what happened after the "infamous" weekend you ask?  Well, we went back to work at camp.  We spent little time together because we only had 24 hours off in a week....most of that you slept to keep up and did lots of laundry.  BUT we did write lots of notes back and forth to each other.  You see when you worked "outpost" which meant you were out in the woods for the week.  You came in once a day to get "supplies" - and we exchanged notes through the provider of supplies.  We asked questions about how we grew up, things we believed in, information about our families, our dreams about the future, our faith stories......everything!

Soooooo....were we dating???  NO!!!!!  We were both adamant- NO WAY!!!!  He he he- except everyone at camp thought we were.  Mainly because we became close friends.  We stayed up at nights on weekends to chat......on one such night Jason said the words that made my heart stop.....

No it wasn't let's go out for Dairy Queen although we did do that- and we both dip our french fries in our ice cream :)  It wasn't will you go out with me- REMEMBER NO WAY!!!!  It wasn't any of those.....

It was in a conversation about our future spouses.....Jason said "I want to love Christ more than my future wife".  Those were the words that totally stopped my heart!  They totally made butterflies go everywhere in my heart.  WHY?  Well, besides the obvious, my grandma had said to me once about the fact that when God brings you your future husband he will love God more than you.  At the time when my grandma said this, being a crazy teen I rolled my eyes I am sure and thought- yeah, whatever....

And well.....more on our come :)


  1. I love this! Thanks for sharing...and keeping us hanging!!! I got goosebumps when I read the last paragraph!!! I'll be waiting for the next part! What a great way to get to know you. =)

  2. Fabulous how God weaves our hearts and lives together! Love reading this! More more we want more! :)
    Much love!

  3. Love reading your love story. Fun stuff!

    Jim and I met on Summer Staff at a Young Life Camp. (We were both in high school.)

    We got engaged on the 4th of July ... 30 years ago. Yikes!

  4. OHhhhh! Chills and loving it! That is one of the truest statements we have to all tell our children!

  5. My mom used to tell me that my husband had such gorgeous eyes...and I was like, yeah, whatever! :-) (he does!)

  6. I loved reading your story and can't wait to hear more. How wonderful to marry your best friend! Happy anniversary!

  7. Oh I am loving this!!
    Now onto the next post!