Monday, July 18, 2011

Our Anniversary story.....14 years....tomorrow......

 So looking at this handsome man.....
 And this crazy lady......
 How did we end up here- married for 14 years???? is our crazy story....and unless you want a 15 page scroll down I will break it down :)  he he he...

It all starts with camp :)  of course it does because there are a lot of things that start in my life- with camp!  So I was a band teacher in small town - Albert City, IA.  I loved teaching- A LOT!!!!  I loved teaching 5th, 6th, 7-8th, and high school bands!  Yep!  BUT summer times at a small school in the middle of tiny town Iowa seemed to be not my thing.  So I went back to my "home" CAMP!  I had counseled there during all my college years and went there as a jr high camper too a couple of times. 

So during staff training I met all the summer staff which was around 40 people.  A lot of people I knew who had also worked there plenty of summers.  Some of my former staff?  Yeah, it some are married and have children!!!  YIKES!  Ok one of those summer staff members was this cute British guessed it.

Ahhh.....but for me- I really didn't want a whole lot to do with any relationships- especially long distance relationships.  Sadly, I didn't really realize how much a heart could be broken.......and mine had been shattered, sort of repaired and shattered get the picture.  I did not live like I pray my girls and boys will do, unfortunately for me.  So I was there to be a witness to the hundreds of children that were coming to camp that summer, see my old friends, make new ones, and grow in my faith!!!

Now when it comes time for 4th of July - most camps have some longer which we take full advantage to catch our breath.  Now, I did have a home of my own, but remember tiny town...not a lot to do.  So I called my mom and said- hey, would it be ok if I brought some camp friends home to your house for the long weekend?  We will crash on the floor and enjoy the fun fair and fireworks.  My mom....knowing I totally LOVE my camp friends said sure :)

I invited anyone who didn't have family plans already.  Jason really didn't want to go.  He he he - told me this afterward....I mean it does sound weird unless you know my fun mom and dad....who wants to go home with a young lady to her parents home for the weekend?  BUT he had no other at the last minute he said he would go with our group- which was about 10 people :) will have to wait to hear more :)  Tomorrow is the big day!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Our 27 year old son lives 150 miles away and he loves to invite friends to "go home to dad & mom's for the weekend". We love it too.

    :) :) :)

  2. Hope you have a wonderful anniversary!!! :)


    May you have many more blessed years to come!!

  4. I'm reading from the beginning of the series - sorry I missed this! It's catch up time for me!!

    Happy Anniversary!