Friday, July 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Jason!

 Happy Birthday Jason!!!!!!!!!!!!!  To my crazy fun loving honey :)  This is your fudge plate with a tower in the middle for fun :)
 Jason enjoying the silliness that usually happens around our table. 
Don't let this fool you we also had ice cream- BOGO, with coupons of course :)

SOOO VERY VERY VERY THANKFUL that God made you, and brought you into my life!!!!  Happy 36th Birthday Babe!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh - soooo we put an offer in on a money yet, but should be here before it is actually needed?  PRAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  BUT the house is wonderful and we are excited!  Just waiting for an answer back.......which is kind of like slow torture.......  :)


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!


    waiting is the worst (ug!)...

  2. Happy Birthday, Jason!! And congrats on finding a house - yay!!!! :)

  3. Yummy fudge!!!!
    Happy birthday Jason!!!!

  4. Happy Birthday!! Praying on the house/money issues!!

    Fudge--yummy :)


  5. Mine birthday also on same that day. It is very good photographs you shared with us. I also like to wish a great birthday to Jason, so yummy and delicious cake.firstaidsupplies