Friday, July 22, 2011

Our Love Story...part 4

 Sooo.....yep it's true this crazy man broke my heart!!!!!  My world crashed because I heard the fateful words on the know something like- I am not interested in you anymore.  CRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Of  course this was before he was to come over.  So in my ever hopeful way I convinced him to still come over and I would still go over there.......because there is always hope, right?  So I did what anyone who gets this kind of news does- ate lots of ice cream, chocolates, prayed, cried, prayed, cried, and ate more ice cream!!!

We still talked on the phone, but not as often......and when the day came for him to fly in I was soo nervous.  Was he going to reject me in person or was this just cold feet, living too far apart from each other kind of thing?  After pretending that being friends was fine....we both went about our days hanging out with each other, but no real hope yet.  He stayed in the basement of an elderly lady across town- and so at night I cried myself to sleep.  Well that weekend we went to visit my parents in Clear Lake, IA where the "magic" first sparked.

While there we talked- A LOT, I remember walking out on the frozen lake.....and there we made up!!!!!  Whew....because I tell you when you are in love for real the thought of never seeing that person again scares the life out of you!!
 So after that- I was walking on clouds!!!!  NEVER wanting our visit to end.  Then the day came for us to fly to England.  OK so I am a country/small town girl getting on a plane to visit my future inlaws...... insert music- dun dun DUUUNNNN - he he he.  The thought was a bit nerve wracking, but my mind was put at ease when I realized his parents are my parents.  What I mean is they seriously replicate my own family!!!!  You should see them when they are together it is hard to get a word in edgewise!  They are seriously the best parents ever and I am totally NOT saying that because my mum reads my blog either ;) he he LOVE YOU MUM!!!!!

Insert crazy story- ok so I promise you no matter what Jason says he did NOT tell me his dad was a twin.  And the morning after arriving still a bit in jet lag his dad pops his head in the living area to say good morning.  Of course I said my greetings back.  Then within a few minutes I SWEAR he did it again.  Now I am thinking???  What in the world is happening??  Until later Jason clears it all up by introducing my formerly to his uncle Ken.  Yeah- so his dad and uncle sometimes wear "matching" things on the same days - not intentionally.  And of course they look a little different, but not much.  And the only real difference is the glasses.  (so come to find out my mum in love actually dated Ken at one point too.....and then ended up marrying dad instead.  he he he)
 Well, as you can imagine when it came time to fly was very sad!!!  But we had already planned to have Jason fly over in a month.....a really really really LOOONNNNGGG month.  The next time he flew over it was for almost 2 months.  Now you are thinking- how could he do that and have a job.  Well he worked for a hospital as a "as and when needed" to do filing.  His job made decent money not huge amounts, but enough.  He lived with his family - which in England is very common mostly due to high living expenses.  His job allowed him to come and go as he pleased.  So we worked for the money for his next ticket (we always said my ring is really simple because all the money went into those tickets- which was way more important)!  I am a simple girl as in - I have never really wanted or needed big money items, ate sandwiches, had a tiny black and white tv, went to school events for entertainment (free for me as a teacher), didn't really eat out, never really went anywhere except once every couple of weeks to get groceries.  I totally was CHEAP :) !!!!  Didn't care about a new car..mine long as I had enough for our hour long conversation once a week when he was in England (figure out the cost of that!), and we just seriously saved every penny for the ticket to get him back here!!!  The start of our living cheap as you can philosophy to do things you really want to do!  :)  Like have more kiddos :)

So then the next time he came back was the end of April-mid May.  That was when he had a surprise for me.  We had obviously talked about our futures together.  BUT he proposed- coming into my high school band class reading his written poem about me, him, and God as our guide.  In fact my ring has 3 stones- the reminder was God brought us together and is the middle stone between us ALWAYS!!!  In our wedding bands- we have Mark 10:9 "What God has brought together let no man separate"  Let's just say the comment one of my students said was- if you don't marry him I will ;)

That was AMAZING!!!!  Then the time came to tell my parents- yeah it took him FOREVER to come out and say it.  He he he he- he was sooo nervous as if they would say we don't approve???  He already knew they loved him most.  Once we told them (they had come down for the weekend to visit) of course the next question was -when?  We had planned for me to go to England already for the whole summer "vacation" time.  Then wait until the next summer to get married- with him moving to the U.S., getting a job, and planning.  Then my mom said- what are you waiting for?  You have to understand my mom and dad met and got married within 5 MONTHS!!!!  Yeah, for real, not lying!!!  After thinking over it a did make more sense.  There really wasn't a real reason to wait.  Since then we actually figured from the time we started dating until the time we were married we probably saw each other about 5 months of that time :)
So we set a date in August, but when Jason called his pastor in England he was going to be out of country with his wife's we moved the date up AGAIN to July 19th which happens to be 11 days after Jason's birthday and 11 days before mine which is fun!  When I contacted Deb my maid of honor - she said no more calls otherwise you are just going to tell me you eloped!  :)

After finishing up school teaching stuff, and taking my big volunteer EMT (Emergency Medical Tech) tests....I flew over to be with my fiance, and the world was well because we would never be separated again ......except we had 6 weeks to plan our wedding.  He he he he he.......

Alright....more on the wedding to come.....hope you are enjoying our crazy story- because it is ALL GOD!!!  I mean how else does a small town girl end up marrying a handsome man from another country????  Seriously ONLY GOD!  Love the fact that I did NOT get my dream come true, because God's dream is SOOO MUCH BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah, our big miracle is coming up too- one ONLY GOD could have done :)


  1. I am LOVING reading this story!! :) lol I actually had a moment of "oh no!" crazy

  2. Hearing your story is so fun :)

  3. I am loving, loving , loving this!!

    My mom and Dad met and where married w/i 3 months!!

    Hubby and I were only engaged for 5 months- we were married in the wonderful month of JAnuary! In Minnesota- brrrrrrr!! But we were warm and cozy as could be!! The sun was out... but it was 30 below zero wind chill ;-)