Saturday, July 9, 2011

And..........the big news is........

 It's not that my kids are all really adorable in the sand, although that is true!!!!!  And look at daddy's creation - just in case we forgot our name :) 
 It's not that this girl has had a bad week, but in the last couple of days has really really really done amazing...although that is TRUE!!!!!!!!! :)
 It's not that we had a blast on the 4th with family watching the fireworks.......
 It's not that the fireworks were really fun- although it was great!
 Intro- this is my cousin Ryan, his wife Caroline, and their youngest of 6 Ezra :)
 It's not that this past weekend was great because WE GET TO CELEBRATE- although we give a HUGE SHOUT OUT TO ALL WHO HELP TO KEEP US FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU IS NEVER ENOUGH, but we love the fact we get to go to worship as a family without fear!!!! :) 
 Awww......look at the wonderful fireworks....yeah that's not the announcement either....
 Love the bits that spiral down....sometimes it replicates our lives..........

AS OF AUGUST 19th.......

WE WILL OFFICIALLY BE HOMEOWNERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YEP, just praying for that refund to come.....we have enough for the good faith down payment, and the extra just waiting.......and praying.....but soooo BLESSED TO KNOW that we have found a home!!!!

I don't know how to get the pictures and put them up....will ask Jason....sorry....technically challenged.
But I can give you a quick description....  It is around 2,100 square feet.  4 Bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, formal dining area, and casual dining area, living room, family room, kitchen- nice size, 2 car garage, POOL- yes nice too- resurfaced, salt water system, screened in, and nice size too, as well as a deck, 1/4 of an acre, fenced, and a hot tub!!!!  Anyone want to come over- you are totally INVITED!!!!!!!!!  For real.  When we get moved in.....and you happen to be around for a vacation, or in the area- PLEASE come by.  I can't wait to host families :)  We love company!!!!

So continue to pray for our refund....which we have been told NO LATER than next Friday....but faith is not in the irs, but in GOD ALONE!!!!

*****Also a friend of ours through the blog world's son had heart surgery yesterday- and is doing GREAT!  PRAISE GOD- continue to pray for Tommy :)  THANKS!

********And another blog friend is in dire need of some HUGE MIRACLES- PRAYERS for family healing and this is did I mention HUGE?????  BUT I KNOW GOD WILL WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Please join me in prayer!!!!


  1. First, your kids are so cute!!!!

    I had to laugh. We've been told our taxes will most likely come next Friday too. WOO HOO! The thought of actually having a vehicle that will fit us all is...just awesome.

    Lastly, lol, you do not want to invite our family (lol). That's 10 of us...though it would be fun :).

    Ok, not lastly, congrats on the house! I know it's got to be a HUGE sigh of relief!

  2. Congrats to you and yours. The house sounds amazing. I can bring 10 too!!! You may end up with quite a houseful.

  3. Kat you are sooo wrong- I totally want to invite you!!! Hey, the more the know how it is with a larger family......we totally get it! Not afraid of a lot of noise, and remember I said the pool is nice and the yard is good size :) !!!!!!!! You are MORE than WELCOME to come!!!

  4. Yay!!! So happy for you...and we just might take you up on the offer to visit, BTW! If we don't get a referral, we are possibly looking at an early Fall vacation to Orlando...and I don't think that you're TOO far away, right?? It would be so great to meet you all in person!

    In the meantime, happy moving...again...and we'll be praying that your check arrives next Friday, if not before!

  5. Nope we are just a bit over an hour from Orlando :)!!!!!

  6. I enjoyed all the little details that weren't the "big" news! Congratulations on the house and all the others, too. I'll be watching for pictures...of the house, not the refund check! :)

  7. Praising with you! Thanks for the update on your wonderful family.
    We all think we want to be adopted by the Wrights over here at the joneses! Being so close to Orlando, you might just get alot of visitors!
    You are amazing,
    press on!
    Laura for all

  8. YIPEEEE -- so happy for you. Praying you are at the bank on friday depositing your check!!
    Sweet dreams of painting and un packing your boxes.

  9. Yay!! Congratulations!! I am so happy for you and can hardly wait for your to move into your HOME SWEET HOME!
    Love the fireworks pics!!

  10. Yay on the house news! Praying it's everything you've been praying for!

  11. YAY! YAY! YAY! I just KNEW God had the perfect home for you! Can't wait to see pics of you all enjoying living there.

    Continued prayers for IRS to deposit that $$ and for all the little steps until you walk over that threshold!
    Much love!

  12. When i saw your title, I immediately thought, "I hope they got a house!!" Thanks for sharing the good news!!

  13. I was on the phone with the IRS last Monday (5th) and they said I would definitely have it by the 15th, but they couldn't tell me if it would be mailed or direct deposited. I have waited since February, so I was not sure whether this would be true or not, or if I would get another letter saying that they would get back to me soon!

    So I dropped by the bank to deposit a small check and asked for a was so much higher than it should have been that I made the girl look again...then she said, "It looks like you received a refund from the IRS!" WOW! They had deposited it directly on the 1st and even THEY didn't know about it!! So crazy, but so grateful that we are done waiting! I am praying it goes through for you right away too!!

    Congratulations on the house!! We will be sure to look you up when we come down there next year. I would love to meet your family in person and have some great fellowship time with you!


  14. Yay, so excited about the news. Looking forward to pics ... and to dropping by irl when we're in Florida!! :)