Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fun and Couponing.....

 So some people say things like- well with 8 kids how does your youngest get enough attention?  Well, let me tell you really I worry about- is she getting spoiled silly?  YES is the answer!!  May I present Queen Joanna....
 Yes, her royal highness was wrapped up, and carried/  slid around in the laundry basket for quite some time.  She giggled and smiled and loved it.  And her siblings- well they LOVE spoiling her too!  Hmmmm...I would say she is doing great!
 And, may I add Baby Girl has new skills.......  While we were at the home we are hoping to buy soon- for the inspection.  There are stairs there (it is a split level) and she walked right up to them, sat down and started scooting. 
 This isn't at our new home to be, it is in our rental.....with daddy supervising of course. 
 But she is telling you she can do it all by herself - Thank you very much!
See- told you I could do it!  :)  oh Joanna you are too stinking cute!!!  LOVE YOU!!!  Watch out world she has skills!!!!!!!!!!!!

So you might be a couponer if?
1)  You love the Sunday Newspapers coming to your door.
2)  You are respectful, and don't take the whole shelf of goods, you are respectful to the store, the person checking you out, and you buy what you actually need and will use!!!!!!! 
3)  You get excited looking through Smart Source, Red Plum, or online coupons.
4)  You save over 50% on items you already purchase.
5)  You love the lingo- wags, bogos, stacked Q's, MM.
6)  You don't spend 20 hours a week doing coupons!!!!  I don't!!!
7)  You love sharing how you coupon and the great deals.
8)  You brag about how much you just bought this item for when you are eating around the table.  :)
9)  What is in your cupboards is what was on sale this past week ;)

Pray your day is going well!!!


  1. LOVE your new header picture! So beautiful!!
    Totally agree that the littlest are usually the favorite toys of the biggers. :)
    And sweet girl, you go girl!! Watch out mom, she's going up in this world!! LOL!
    Much love!

  2. Lol, Joanna's brothers and sisters truly are smitten! :-D Awesome!

  3. I am so looking up these terms... wags, stacked Q's, MM. HA! Have no idea what they mean!

    What sweet pictures. Oh sibling love!!!!