Saturday, July 30, 2011


 Our kids have never been to Vacation Bible's true!  When we lived at the camp it was so far away that a 45 minute trip to and then from VBS in the middle of summer camps going on was NOT going to happen.  Of course our kids went to camp instead :).  But, because of timing and money issues this year our kids didn't get to go to camp. 
 So instead they went to VBS- with all of their cousins.  This was a few weeks ago.  THEY HAD A BLAST!!!  They memorized verses- special mention Andrew got a patch for memorizing his verses at this VBS.  They sang all the songs!  They LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!  They loved learning, they loved the activities, they loved being with family, they LOVED IT!!!!
 Awwww.....Look at the picture above- 7 of the faces you see are all related :)
 Then last week a friend invited us to their VBS- soooo seeing as the kids didn't get to go to camp this year- oh why not?  Again, they loved it!!!  They made new friends, met some old ones (from my great foster/adoption group of mommies), loved the activities, the music- all of it.  In fact at this VBS if you memorized all the levels of verses you got to ride in a limousine on the last day- and Abigail and Andrew ENJOYED that very much!
Then last night they went to my other cousin's church- for a one night VBS on creation....and again had a GREAT TIME!!!!  Learned about the Bible, the songs, and the activities!!!  WE LOVE teaching our children about the LORD!!!!  It is our passion, but I also love that there are soo many others out there also willing to sacrifice so much time to help my children grow in faith and understanding as well :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In fact this weekend my oldest Babe is gone to a weekend camp at our church!  I am sooo excited for her because I know she is having a blast!!!!!!!!  Of course we are all missing her.....but praying as she takes steps in growing in her faith.

DREAMING- Ahhhhhh........we have been dreaming!!!  A LOT!!!!  About finally settling into our home!  Have I mentioned it is only 20 MORE DAYS YET???  Well, it is.  So last night while the kids were at VBS Jason, I, and Joanna went to IKEA for a romantic dinner and to dream.  You know- look at curtains, decorating ideas, shelving, furniture, kitchens, all that jazz.  The last date we went on included a lot of the same- going to Sears- you know it is romantic to look at tvs, mowers, ovens, yard equipment right?  Well, it is to us :)

You see our dream has been a lot different than we imagined.  We imagined being in our new home months ago, being settled in already.  Not still hanging over our heads.  Not still waiting to even remember what our furniture looks like because it has been in storage for over 4 months!

And yet....our dream has come true in that we have our family, great new friends, and we are settling in- even in the temporary.  Even in our dream that soon we will be painting, decorating, hanging pictures, putting together bunk beds once again.  Dreaming is a fun way of thinking of possibilities.  Which is what we have been doing.  Even if we can't afford it all- it isn't about the money is about the future together part.

It is about having a permanent HOME TOGETHER- with family, friends, and church home.......So GLAD GOD has given us this opportunity even when it has been extremely hard.  Thank God for HIS provision for us. 

Couple prayer requests.... :)  Jason and I have been sick each 3-4 times in the last few months!!!  It is getting ridiculous :(  Tired of being unwell.  We know it has a lot to do with adjustments....Thanks!

Also, it seems we have a new neighbor to be that is not fond of our family :)  So we are praying over them!!!  For God to change their hearts toward HIM.

What are you dreaming about?  Have any prayer requests?

Oh and if you like the new blog look- Thank my HUBBY who is AMAZING :)
THANKS JASON!!!!  I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Um... who wouldn't be fond of YOUR family?? They must need prayer!!;)

    I'm so thankful that things are falling into place for you guys. Obviously it wasn't the timing you thought, but God loves to remind us that He is in control and His ways and His timing is perfect!

    Have a great birthday!!!

  2. Yes, I LOVE the new blog look!!!
    I hope you both get better soon!=)

  3. 1)Love the blog & new pictures
    2)I love "dream" dates!
    3)Praying for your health, and your neighbors!

  4. My dream(seriously praying about this;)) is to pay off all our debt, sell our stuff and move to Ethiopia or Guatemala...or anywhere we can serve orphans full-time as a family!! Dream BIG, I say!;) Praying for your health to improve GREATLY!!:) And LOVE the new blog:)!

  5. Love the new blog look! Please pray for us as our MOWA letter is being delayed because they decided they do not like Dan's 'health history'. He has been cancer free for 17 years, and beyond that, two years ago when we adopted Mason it wasn't a problem. Please pray that all our in country director and the judge are doing works to get MOWA to write the letter so the boys will be legally ours. Please Pray! Thank you - Tara