Thursday, July 21, 2011

Our Love Story....part 3

 Well, so we left off after Jason said something that really caught my attention, and melted my heart - go back a couple of posts and find out how it all began :)

You would think that was it- we started dating etc.  BUT remember broken heart on my end, nerves about summer ending and him going home to England on his end and my end, and well the busyness of being on a Christian Summer Staff- yeah....not happening.  Until, you guessed it the last 2 weeks of camp!  That weekend before the last two weeks I invited him to come back to my small town to meet up with Deb- my roomie in my home (she was working at another Christian camp that summer).  Well, after many many torturing hours in the car and him still not asking.........FINALLY he worked up the nerve through a LOOONNNGGGGG conversation. 
 Yep, he was chicken- hiding out like in the picture above :)  he he he......  BUT Hallelujah he finally asked!!!  And we did silly things that weekend, like go to a store that was open 24/7 which he couldn't believe.  In England they never had this- well, now they do following us crazy Americans.  Watching movies all night, playing card games and board games......and got our first kiss.......  :)

So then back to camp!  Our first date was going to Applebees together, and we ran late coming back to the camp staff meeting- oooppps!!!  I was on lead staff so big ooopppsss!!!  Then a week a part as we were counseling different camps- complicated to explain, but we didn't really see each other that week because the "sites" are not close together.  And of course it is about the kids not us!

The last week- we lifeguarded together.  Unfortunately- Jason got sick this week with strep throat.  But it was our last time to have any time together :(  before I had to leave a bit early to get back to my teaching job.  YES there were lots of parting tears.......
The next time we saw each other was Labor Day Weekend.  Earlier, as in the weekend before I had met up with my parents and told them I thought Jason was "the one".  Of course my mom thought so before then, but when I said I was driving 7 hours one way to see him for the 3 day weekend.  She pretty much guessed how serious this was, because I was the "fun girl" not wanting to be too serious, and this sounded way too serious.

We met up in Kansas City.  Jason was staying with friends who had traveled to England and he temporarily worked there for a yearish.  We took our second official date- and went to Six Flags- St. Louis!  Now anyone who knows our craziness you are thinking- sounds like their dream date, and it totally WAS!!!  We both love theme parks :).

Then it was goodbye - again as I had to get back to work, and Jason had planned a cross country trip.  His grandmother had left him some money and he chose to come to camp and share Christ with kids all summer, and a trip across the US afterward to see the "big sites".  Yep, so I was teaching in small town which remember I LOVED, and getting postcards from The Grand Canyon, San Fransisco, New York City, Niagara Falls, etc.  Nice huh??  But we did call each other when we could- remember internet and emails were non existent at this time....or really limited!!

Well, he finally went back to England.....and finally told his parents he had met me etc.  Yeah, he didn't tell them before this ;).  Dropped the bomb, and his parents were happy :)  so all was well!

We arranged to meet up 2 weeks before my Christmas Break (back when you could say that even in schools).  He flew over here.  Then I was to fly to England during my break.  Keep in mind this whole time limited phone calls because it cost .50/minute back then to call England- and I was a teacher in tiny town- you can guess my salary...he he he!!!!!!  We wrote letters- A LOT (and yes I still have all of them).  We sent each other tapes (yep sounds strange tapes, tape decks??  we are old??) of ourselves talking, and yes I had tapes of him reading scriptures, playing keyboard, can you say- MELT MY HEART?????  Yes, my hubby is a romantic- be jealous :) !!!

Well....except a month before he was to come already bought......he broke my heart.......

he he he-  and with that you will have to wait for more!  :)


  1. I'm loving your love story! And I totally agree with you on the words that melted your heart...I've often told David that one of my favorite things about him is that he loves God more than he loves me!

  2. Now your just being mean ;)

  3. My husband was stationed in England when we were "dating" so a lot of sitting home waiting for letters because 23 years ago definitely no e-mail, internet etc. and like you said, phone calls were really expensive. So I've done the long distance thing too including flying to England to spend Christmas with him.

  4. Ahhhhh- now I'm glad I waited to read this! I'm hopping right over to post #4!!

    Whew- I can't handle the suspense!