Monday, July 11, 2011

Got pics of the house :)

Tada!!!!  Here is our new home :)  Corner Lot!  At the end of the very little traffic.....
Look a for real yard!!!  Oh how I have missed you yard...a place to play, run around, put up a tent, and have fun!!!!!!!!  And this pic doesn't show it, but it is all fenced and ready to roll!!!  YEAH!!!
A pool........and not just a pool, but a nice size, goes to 8 ft deep, salt water (which is way cheaper to maintain and easier too), have I mentioned I myself am a fish?  I mean that I love to swim???
A deck area, although this pic you don't see the hot tub that is also on the deck--off the left of this pic near the railing area.  :) OH yeah!!!!  Did I mention we have rented a house with a deck in the mountains, and Jason and I spent every evening just hanging out and talking in the hot tub?
This will be our living room......several windows, plenty of space because this picture you can't fit it all in, but it is nice.  (no they aren't leaving the pool table although they offered, we needed the space :)
This is where our home schooling area will be :)  can't wait to put all my maps back up on the wall again!!!  And my shelves :)
And this........hmmmm more home school area of course- which leads right out to the deck.....and have I mentioned that even though this is the south and it is warm- well I mean HOT, our kids LOVE HAVING PICNICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As in they beg to eat outside- all the time???  YEAH!!!
Kitchen- see those nice big windows to see right out into the yard and pool with??   LOVE LOVE LOVE!
And look at this- a dining room with our nice big dining table in mind!!!!  AWESOME!  Because you know if you have space at your table....and room in your can have more children :)  Just sayin'  :)
Another shot of our future home school area.....
And look at that circular drive out front!!!  Made for our huge 15 passenger :)  Made for anyone who wants to come visit!!  :)  Ok so no pics of the bedrooms.....they are ok, not huge, but really they are only for sleeping in our family anyway.  So there you have it our new home :)

In case you couldn't tell I am just a weee bit excited????

So that brings me to something that is different for us than most people.  We have not owned a home since the first couple of years we were married.  When we lived in small town Iowa and I was teaching, Jason was a teacher's aide....we thought that was where we would live for a long time.  Our Realtor was our insurance agent as well, and I believe he did other things too in was a tiny town of 800 people.  Our house then cost less than our Suburban did.  Not kidding!!!  It was 3 bed, with lots of extra space, porch, corner oversized lot, etc.  Had some "character" to it.....and we loved it.

Until we felt Called to go into full time ministry.  And well we moved to the Christian camp and were still in Iowa- Golden Valley.......for 4 years.....then moved to Louisiana for 7 years......and now we are here- so in that 11 years we haven't owned our own home.  And what makes this even more special is we aren't "planning" on moving in we want to stay here.  Seriously happy to stay here forever.  :)

Of course we all know the Lord calls us to do things sometimes we hadn't planned on, but we are happy to stay here :) if that is His Will.  We have found a great Biblical Church!!!!!  We have family- my cousins, my aunt, my grandma.  We have friends!  Yes you read that right- like people we actually talk to, visit with, and hang out with!!!  THAT IS HUGE!!!  We have a vision for missions we would like to get involved in here, and things we already have gotten involved in.

And just because God can....he did.....Jason has been going to Ironmen- it is an early Sunday morning men's devotional time, and meeting.  This past Sunday was the 2nd time he went.  He wasn't even feeling well, but at the last minute decided to go anyway.  When we were done with church, and our membership class Sunday....he excitedly told me he met someone that was a Divine Appointment.

You see this man was new too.  They have 4 kids, and are on a journey to more!  Through Adoption :)  He shared his worries about finances, etc.  Their kids are the same gender/ages as 4 of our children :).  WOW!!!  Can you say- HELLO GOD!!!  Yep, that is right, He set up a meeting for us to meet each other, and share a road together.  Can't wait to see what happens next!!!!!!  You can go check out their story HERE!

Only 30 Days until we officially get to be in our HOME!!!  :)


  1. Wow! The house is gorgeous and beautiful and perfect for your family. Congratulations! And what a testimony being open to God's call whatever and wherever that means you go.

  2. Yay, so thrilled to see pics. Love it!! :)

  3. so so so exciting!! Wahoo!!! The house is amazing!!

  4. I'm just so happy for you! I almost cried when I saw the photos! So thrilled for the precious Wright Family! Praise God for His endless provisions and blessings!

  5. Wonderful! Your house looks amazing!!!! I'm thrilled for you guys and the way God has blessed you! :)

  6. wow, that house looks perfect for you guys! Yay! Praise God! :-D I loved eating outside when i was a kid too, bless you guys for accommodating when they ask for that!

    The link to your new friends site isn't working though....

  7. Love this!!! So happy about your house and your church and your friends and family -- and your new friend, too! What a fun road to take together. Just pleased as punch for you all -- and thanking the Lord for His provision and faithfulness!

  8. WOW!!! Congratulations!! I love the pictures of your new home:) That is really great!

  9. So so happy for you!!! Praise God! :)

  10. That is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!!!! Great homeschool space- and POOL and yard.

    So excited for you!

  11. Congratulations on the new house!!! I love it!!!!

  12. Yay! Yay! Yay! Only God. So excited for your family and can't wait to read about all the wonderful memories being made in your new home.
    In Him,
    PS- THANK YOU for Celia's Love Letters. Absolutely precious!!

  13. WOW!!!!! I love the pool!!!!! I would be so happy too! I bog CONGRATULATIONS on your new home!!!

  14. Awesome!!!! Sooooo excited for you!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!! Very nice!

    that would cost about 1.2million here...

  16. I am so happy for you and you so deserve God's favor in finding this house! I love the windows overlooking the backyard...always been a dream of mind. Enjoy the new house!!

  17. The house is gorgeous and beautiful and perfect for your family. Also Great homeschool space and POOL also yard.
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  18. Yea!!! Can't wait to come visit ... and swim in the pool with you ... and sit in the hot tub late at night visiting after the children go to bed.

    Keep praying for OUR taxes, so that I can plan my road trip.

    :) :) :)

  19. Love it - what a wonderful blessing from the Lord! So glad you've been able to find a church family so quickly also!