Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Been a bit busy :)

 One thing that happens in our family on holidays is the family baseball game- with EVERYONE!  I do mean EVERYONE!!!!  Babes, adults, and everyone in between!
 Littles are given lots of grace and coaching.....
 Adults have to participate too.....
 Just give it a whack!

 So if you are batting with a baby then that is all good.......

 Although.....some of the girls weren't really all.....because who needs to play baseball when you can play house in the back of a 12 passenger (not ours- my cousin's family)
 Even if you have a broken ankle like my cousin's wife does you bat and have a stand in to run for you!
 Awwww.......hmmmmm.....they look soo cute don't they? :)  Wonder what they are planning?????
 Don't worry about the babes- it is only a plastic ball, but I did tell Matthew to be careful of his little sis!!!!
 My cousin Ryan taking a big swing!!
 Helping with Jonathan :)  Awww....cute!
 My cousin doing work of course for the family business-  she gave me a crazy look.....knowing full well I sorry Heidi :)  Love ya!
 Matthew enjoying pitching! 
 Autumn up at bat....
 Look at that mommy cute love look :)
Jessa what is that look for?  You love our crazy family!!!  And as I type Joanna is pointing at her picture- they love each other!!!!

So I have a good reason for not doing a lot of's called looking for houses :)  Praying our tax credit comes when they said!!!!  So we can close on a house soonnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are preapproved and ready to roll!!!  Praying for God to intervene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Been a while since we owned a home and we are thrilled and scared at the same time!

And although I am having blog reading withdrawal symptoms.....I will catch up soon....ish???  Love you all!!!!


  1. You might want to pop over to my blog. :) I just shared a WAY COOL God story.

    :) :) :)

  2. Praying God leads you to the (w)right house!!!!!


    Love time/holidays spent with loved ones.

  3. Praying sweet friend and so excited as God leads your beautiful family!!!

  4. So... lately, every time I click over to your blog I get a pop-up that says

    "Authentication Required

    A username and password are being requested by The site says: "Protected""

    And then asks me to enter a username and password. I just click cancel and it still lets me read your blog (and comment), but it comes up every time I click on a new page (i.e. comments).

    Not sure what it is (and I know you don't have time right now to figure it out), but I thought I'd mention it. The blog address isn't yours, but I don't know who's it is (or why their blog is asking for that info from me).

    Praying for the tax $ and a HOME for you guys!!!

  5. Vicky: I get that popup, too.

    Great post!