Monday, January 24, 2011

Some GREAT reads!!!

 What?  You don't hang out in the dog cage for fun?  Well.....
 let me tell you how fun it is :)  I mean the dog has a great cushion thing in here.
 There is plenty of space.....
And it makes me happy :)  (Good thing the dog doesn't mind sharing his spot with me)

So today I have read some really incredible reads and I wanted to share them with you.
For those of you who have RAD kids- this really explains how they feel in terms I have never thought of - but it is WONDERFUL!!! 

This POST is a wonderful review of her blog and let me tell you if you are having a hard time loving your child when they are hurting- she has some great tips in her year and a half review!!!!  Go check it out!!!

THIS POST is one that EVERYONE should read because it is something that we should all grieve DAILY!  Please go read this!!!  We can not forget the over 50 million......that have been murdered.

I will just say today has been a tough day yet again, but I am PRAISING because God is STILL IN CONTROL!!!!  He hasn't left HIS throne so I will keep fighting for what I know to be TRUE!!!  AMEN :)


  1. Tough day here too. Praising God in the storm with you.

  2. I think we read all the same blogs! =) Excellent recommendations. I'll be praying tomorrow is a better day!

    BTW- Joanna is so cute. My baby girl just turned 1 and when I see the pictures of your baby, I always think they could be best friends! They seem to have the same happy, curious, sweet, CUTE personality!

  3. those pics cracked me up. I have similar pics of Noah in our dog's crate. :o)

  4. My best friend's kids LOVE playing in the dog kennel. They beg her to "lock it, mama, lock it!" She tells them she's not allowed to lock it.

    Funny kids!

  5. too funny. i'm actually writing a post with the very same pix today (different baby, of course). we are of one mind!

  6. lol. Dawn, how are we supposed to focus on the words of the post when the pics are sooooooo cute? She's such a cutie pie!!! :-D

  7. So sweet!!!! Her smile is just contagious!

    Reading the recommendations...

    Have a blessed day.

  8. I love the photos! So funny. Reminds me of a picture my sister sent me that has a boy in a kennel cage with the caption "Parenting. Who says it has to be difficult>"