Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Real Life at The Wrights

 Ooohhhh....scary man. 
 Hello little girl :)......
 Yes, this my normal face folks....
And this is my funny face.......

OK so this is real in my home.  Usually on a daily basis we do all kinds of silly know like peel and orange, cut it to look like crazy teeth....stick it in your mouth......and make all kinds of silly faces.  He he he.....or things like think of the craziest accent in the world and try to imitate them while reading books to the kids at night time.  Do crazy jumping jacks in the middle of school time, or running around the house  in follow the leader fashion, playing chase with Joanna in my arms and daddy "chasing us around" the dinner table, or daddy playing tickle wars.......this is real life.

So is this......dyslexia (every kind), reactive attachment disorder, ADHD, and sensory issues.  Now let me be very very clear that I HATE LABELS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This is why I rarely talk about it at all really.  I never want our children to think that they are a __________.  They are not!  They are children of the Almighty King, sinners just like me, and people that have the ability to change, heal, and learn- just like me.  This is how I see my children first and foremost!!!

But, I would be lying to make it seem that our home was always fun and giggles too.  So in the heart of this blog of being honest....I want to share some things.  We have issues on a daily basis!  There is rarely a day that there is no lying, harsh words, yelling, time ins, screaming, fits, crazy behaviors of all kinds.  Sometimes all day long we are dealing with things.  There are many times we have had to remind ourselves that we do have 8 children - so 8 times the needs, discipline, and usual stuff goes on here daily :)

So my selfishness that I addressed a few blog posts or so ago....HERE.......has to do with the fact that there are days I hate do not like giving all the extra time it takes in my day to deal with all the issues that go on in our home.  I would rather sip on my Mt. Dew and relax reading the Bible or The Hole In The Gospel or watch some Cake Boss.  BUT my job is help my children to the best of my abilities.  So I know most of you can understand- issues or not.  There are just things that have to be done. 

So what are some things we are doing now.......Rocking Momma Challenge with 2 of our children for now, learning more about some of our children's specific sensory issues, teaching our children exercises to help connect right and left brain together, specific times with each of our children to listen and look into their eyes, other things to help with writing issues and reading issues- specific techniques, and trying daily to remember that we are NOT doing this on our own! 

So I plan to expand on the some future posts.....but for now I want to share a little bit about Joanna :)
she now is getting tooth number 3,
she can easily sit up from laying down on her own,
she can switch between scooting on her bottom to crawl and back again as needed at lightning speed, she is definitely getting into everything,
she has this silly fake cough thing that is just tooo cute,
she loves eating those baby puff things- like seriously gets very giddy when we get them out
she is finally taking 6 oz most of her feeds usually 6  times a day
she loves the music on our wii when we are playing :) actually just music in general- like when we do our praise and worships in the morning she is rockin out!
she loves our new rocking chair time during feeds :)
and we all love her even more every day- who couldn't with that beautiful smile!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I'm excited to read your "expand on the above" posts. And I totally relate to not wanting to do the "extra" time to deal with the "extra" issues...I'm finally pushing myself to actually get our 3 year old evaluated. Even if just to know how better to help him at home...but I'm dreading the extra appointments and babysitting needs....

  2. I love the Wright Family!!!! I think we are all "real" families if we would all be honest. I'm so glad that you are going to share with others. I know it will encourage other families and help them to feel more comfortable in their own "realness."

    Love the fun photos!

  3. I am looking forward to reading more about the ways you deal with things as well! I love your honesty and your heart! I know it will help so many families. We are Rockin too, N. It's been great!
    Love you guys!

  4. I really appreciate your honesty, Dawn. We all have days that are harder than others, and I think that we all need to be reminded at times that we are not alone! Keep it real - because I see you as a legitimate resource for idease and experience! Thanks for sharing so much about your amazing family - you are truly an inspiration.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I love your honesty about kids and life!!! Being a mommy is the hardest job on earth. God Bless you!

  6. I loved how our pastor named his last sermon, "no perfect people allowed." we all need to start being real. I cant wait for you to expand. Ive been doing my best to rock little G each day, to make sure we are playing together, making eye contact and actually interacting. You would think those things would just come naturally, but nope, I too am selfish and would sit and read, knit, you name it. Instead of dealing what is right before me. God is faithful and I am glad that I have a sensitive spirit. We are doing remarkably well....

  7. Thanks for sharing. Sometimes it seems like you have all these perfect little adopted kids and I wonder what I've done wrong to have dealt with two troubled boys. Besides those two, the others have aspergers (birth child), ADHD and a genetic syndrome.

  8. Looking forward to the "expanded" version. :-)

    I can picture Joanna and that "fake" cough. I remember Mr. Toddler with that ... he would shut his eyes and put his hands by his neck just for emphasis when he fake coughed. He still does it sometimes. Kids are hilarious! You think they all read from the same baby and toddler manual? :-)

  9. GREAT post! I can't wait to read more :o)

  10. Oh my goodness what an inspiration!!! I love you "little" family! We have three little boys, and adopted a little girl last april... I would love to double that number but my hubby thinks 4 is a handful! Good luck... you are so AMAZING!

  11. I had no idea your children faced some of those challenges Dawn! Thanks for being real. I do believe that our "realness" encourages others!

  12. Dawn,
    I so needed to hear this! THANK YOU!!!

  13. Hahaha!! Love the pictures...glad we aren't the only ones who can get a bit crazy ;-)

    Much love,
    Future Mama

  14. Thanks for being real!! Sometimes I feel like everyone who homeschools has genius children with no issues and that has been intimidating for this new to homeschooling mom. Your family brings GREAT JOY to the Father. :O) Praying for you all from Alaska!

  15. I just randomly surfed onto your blog and I am very moved by it. I can relate so profoundly to your blog and this post particularly. I (an AA man now) have been through the foster care system and adoption process in LA. I have also dealt with ADHD as well as SPD and more. You truly inspire! Your positive attitude and unflinching faith will see your kids through. I am now 25 and serving my country on the home-front! Stay strong! 

    Your newest reader,