Monday, January 31, 2011

Dyslexia....and other things....

 So yeah...this is yummy.  Sometimes I like to talk to Elmo....sometimes I just need a teething tool.  Which the 4 tooth is poking through.  For those of you praying for Joanna- she has been really stuffed, coughing, and because she is stuffed- throwing up, as well as we found out on Sunday- ear infections.  YUCK!  She is doing better. At least today she is more herself, but this has caused a SERIOUS lack of sleep as of late.  So if this post doesn't make sense.....well this cutie is why, but it's ok because I just want to squeeze those cute cheeks all the time!!!!
 So lately it has been raining cats and dogs - literally & for real.  What do I mean.  Well since it has been raining sooo much our camp is one big lake.  So having the kids play outside is not really an option unless it was warm enough to give them swim suits.  :)  So we have been hanging out at the Dining Hall where there is more room a few of the days and playing games.  This one is where you have a tub full of soft objects.  The object of the game- throw them all out of the tub before your family puts them back in.  If you can successfully have an empty tub you win. :)
 Andrew being the serious DJ while playing musical chairs. 
 Ooppss- out of order, more toy throwing going on.
 Joanna checking it out. 
 Cuteness...with love from Jonathan....
 and more cuteness.....
Daddy & Joanna.  Don't let daddy fool you a minute ago he was dancing, but since he knows I will post anything and everything on the blog.....oh well.  I  tried to get a great pic for you all :)

OK so dyslexia.  Yeah, if you are a homeschool mommy like me- you feel like a BIG FAT FAILURE!!!!  Seriously thought this for a LOOONNNNGGGG time.  BUT, decided to get over myself so I could help my child.  They are moderate to severe in every category of dyslexia.  You can go online and do any search to fill out an online form to find out if your child may have dyslexia.

After lots of research- although I am NOT an expert.  I would start here- they have a web page dedicated to learning blocks.  This really helped me understand what their specific blocks are.  Some things that can help instantly are things like a colored plastic transparency- for some kinds of blocks.  Sometimes there are other things too.

If you know that your child has reading blocks I would highly recommend Brain Integration Therapy Manual by Dianne Craft.  It is a book that talks about blocks in hearing and understanding, slow labored reading, dyslexia, eye tracking, poor memory, and laborious writing.  We have integrated our child's exercises for all of our kids daily after lunch along with some of our own.  These specific exercises focus on eye tracking, crossing the body- right to left and the opposite, stretching, etc.  Then there is "repatterning" if you haven't done this - it is a way to "tell" the brain what you want it to do more of.  It has been a huge help with our child!  Seriously!!!!!  Worth your time!!!!

Another great thing for those with reading issues......TRUE level 1 reading books- few and far inbetween.  For the average reader- not a big deal for those who truly struggle- BIG DEAL and it lowers their self esteem by large amounts!  So books like Merrill Reading Program called I Can, Dig In, and there are several others in the series- are GREAT!  They truly use the same words over and over and introduce a few new words every 5 pages.  IT WORKS and they feel much sooner the excitement of reading.  VERY important.

Now for everyday reading teaching we use the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons- LOVE THIS!  But if you are helping a child who struggles it is NOT enough.  We along with that use Right Brain Phonics Program  by Dianne Craft.  We also got the colorful picture cards that go along with the letters and sound combos.  IMPORTANT the pictures need to be "behind" the letters.  Also when teaching new words you need to make them into pictures.  This is all explained in the books, but it has to be pictures, visual, very very very very repetitive.

We also just got the "all about spelling" program which I can NOT wait to start!  Instead of hopping right in- which is fine for our other children.  It literally breaks everything down into small pieces!!!  It teaches the rules of spelling, concentrates on phonograms, has colored tiles to teach the spelling, has all kinds of suggestions for kinestetic learning,  daily review, charts, and much more!  I am in love with it because for the first time ever I really feel like this will help my babe to spell.

If you have ever had this issue you will know what I mean when I say every step is a HUGE DEAL!  Kind of like with a child that needs that extra love and attention (rad), or children that have any extra needs.  When they make progress it is HUGE!!!  I have seen my child go from crying over every reading lesson to success!  I couldn't be happier.

One other thing- it does NOT happen overnight.  BUT it can happen.  I would love to encourage all of you with struggling readers and learners out there!!!!  It can happen!!!!  My babe has taken years of the slow laborous road and is finally reaching some huge goals- now that we have more tools.  With God ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE!!!!!

**Side note this Saturday will be the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT!  Please be praying for us.  This is a big deal and things are not easy, but we are taking it one step at a time and trying to do what needs to be done for our family.  THANKS!!!

*******ALSO please be praying for a 13 year old boy that needs a new family ASAP!!!!!!!!!!  If you would like more details PLEASE e-mail, facebook me for additional details- PLEASE JOIN IN PRAYER we have seen and experienced sooo many  miracles so WE KNOW OUR GOD HAS A HUGE HEART FOR ALL HIS CHILDREN!!!!!  This is a domestic adoption- not international for those wondering.  :)  THANKS!


  1. Thank you! Love me a good homeschooling post! =) We started using All About Spelling this year as well and my son and I both LOVE.IT!! Did you know they are working on All About Reading program as well? Level 1 isn't due out until the Spring, but the pre-reading AAR is coming out in the next few weeks. I downloaded and printed off the sample lessons to do with my pre-schooler and it has been a lot of fun! We are on Level 1 for AAS, but I would also recommend the readers that go along with it. They are a bit pricey, but I was very pleased the level of quality (hardback books etc...) and my son LOVES them! And I think they are great for those who struggle with reading. Sorry for the tangent, I just love All About Spelling! =)
    Praying for the young man who needs a family as well as for your sweet baby to feel better.

  2. Great post!! Love Diane Craft helps.
    Poor Joanna praying for health to flood her body!!
    Much love!

  3. We love All About Spelling too and it was the number one reason my daughter finally learned to read!!! Level one gave her the needed skills to decode words and her reading level has improved so much in just the first semester of homeschooling. She loves to read now and I am just so thankful that I came across the program.

    Praying for you and I love that baby:)

  4. Love that space!!!! As a homeschool family too- we have cleared out our basement.. and it's dedicated to bikes and scooters. Very important to our day (when you live in snow country).

    Looking for help in the spelling area. Been rough lately. Will check it out. Thanks

  5. Another great resource for dyslexia is - Susan Barton eventually left her professional career to help a family member with dyslexia and this website and program are the fruits of her labor.

    Teaching multiplication facts (the hard ones) to a dyslexic student is also HARD. I found Times Tales by Trigger Memory Systems. It looked unbelievable and difficult to me (I am not dyslexic), but my daughter memorized all the hard multiplcation facts (3,4,6,7,8,9) with this program in two one hour sessions at age 9, after having worked on them in school for over a year. I was shocked, but it really does work! See

  6. love your homeschooling posts - did I ever tell you that I was homeschooled for 11 years? oh yes!
    praying for you guys this week! and big announcement? cannot wait!

  7. Thank you Dawn for this post-God knew I needed it. I read it last night and reread it today to write down the resources you listed. It was encouraging to read and gave me hope to keep trying different programs. Thank you Thank you!!!

  8. We have used sequential spelling with good success but with dyslexic, ADHD,"mentally retarded" labelled kiddo it is slow to stick.
    I'm going to check out all about spelling.
    A new reading program we tried this year that is finally seeing results is ABeCeDarian -- its a writing and reading combo. lots of repetition.

    Praying you have peace with your announcement.