Friday, January 7, 2011

Recap of 2010 - yep I am a little behind......

OK So my 2010 in a nutshell......

Devastation as we find out uscis has denied our app to bring home Naomi.........really had to lean on God for every breath we took...........

In March start looking at domestic adoption, but feel pretty hopeless thinking this is silly our family is too big to do domestic adoption....until I found this blog.

Then we signed up with Tracie Loux at Christian Adoption Consultants and within 48 hours were officially matched with Joanna!!!!  Meeting her birthmother was of course AMAZING!!!  Holding her for the first time, getting to place her in her daddy's arms a day later!  Pacing the floor waiting for the official signing of paperwork by the birth family.  Getting to spend time with the Beatties!  :)  While I waited for approval to leave Pennsylvania. 

Flying back to Texas and introducing our children officially to their new sister!  Spending Easter with our adoptive friends :) !!!!  Then finally getting to go home together as a family of 10!

We were by then up to our eyeballs in preparing for summer.  (Jason and I are Christian Camp Directors).  BUSY doesn't really begin to cover this time for us, but it is fun because we know what God does through this place called Uskichitto Retreat Center.  Continuing to spread God's Love to all the retreats and campers that come here.  Seeing so many experience GOD in a REAL WAY. 

Summer means for us spending lots of time in the pool, more relaxed home schooling, and lots of play time!
As well as a trip to Sea World with our summer staff.  Then a end of July get away (the only time I have left Joanna) with Jason for our 13th Anniversary to a plantation where we got to stay in the main house.

August brought a trip to Tennessee...going through Alabama to meet up with fostering friends The McCoy's.  LOTS of hikes in the Smokies and beautiful scenery.  A great reminder of God's Love!!!  We also had the privilege of visiting with The Johnson Family- Lucy Lane (and now in 2011 little Wes will be coming home too!!), The Bonner Family, Oatsvalls & Mayernick's, Macy's family, The Sweet Peas family, and was a HUGE BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We then were able to get home we started our new year in home school, and having fun getting back into the swing of things.  Getting busy with retreats for the camp as well.

Then getting to go to Florida again in October to witness my cousin and her family welcome their newest adopted miracle!  Jessa :)  Oh how wonderful!!!  You see we started off our year the same- both of us had experienced adoption loss and now we have ended our year with the gain of daughters :)  What a Mighty Miracle Working God we serve!!!

VERY special moments shared with Heidi:  her baby shower, going shopping together, eating together, extra special moment of putting our babies into the back seat of her car together- made my heart smile, our babies in our slings together- very treasured moment!  

Then in November our family experienced the loss of Heather Tejada- my crazy fun loving cousin.  Her loss is heaven's gain because she was always singing, putting extra special touches into everything, loving the kiddos- any and all kiddos (she LOVED KIDS), and laughing a lot.....she will continue to be missed.

November also brought with it Joanna's Adoption Day!!!!  YEAH!!!  At a day less than 8 months we were able to adopt our little cutie pie.

Some books I read this past year:  The Bible :)  MY FAVORITE!!!!, One Million Arrows, Radical, and Adopted for Life.

My favorite new thing this year- wearing Joanna!  Seriously if you have a baby or young toddler I would HIGHLY recommend wearing them.  (of course yes you have to be cautious and follow instructions).  Wearing Joanna has been my new favorite thing.

So a year that started off being really hard....extremely stressful turned into a year of great rejoicing!!!!  Praying your 2011 is getting off to a great start!


  1. Goodness girl.. you have been one busy family!!!! It's amazing to see what God can do with a year.

    Your favorite thing for 2011- is going to be rockin' out with the kids in the rockin' chair.


  2. What an amazing adventure God has brought you through this year! I just found your blog and I will definitely be back. We are in the process of adopting two children from Belize and it is so encouraging to read stories of God's faithfulness to other families.

  3. What a wonderful 2010 your family had!! Hope 2011 is even better!! God bless!! :)

  4. Love it! Beauty from ashes! :) Such beauty... ;)

  5. We are so right there with you! Starting the year off being told there was no way we were bringing little G home...... to actually doing it in August! I kept telling God that had had the faith of a mustard seed.... I believed he could do it..... and he did...... Praying that 2011 holds so much blessing in our(yours and mine) lives that it just overflows!!!

  6. Love the colorful toy in the video.

  7. You have had an amazing year! You asked me a while ago where we lived in Louisiana. We actually live in Monroe. Remind me where you are. I think we talked about this a few months back, but I can't remember.

  8. Busy, busy year for you all! Glad to see how God turned your tears into rejoicing. If you don't mind me asking, I was just wondering why you were turned down by USCIS. We are in the beginning stages of an adoption from Estonia and I'm a little nervous since we've never done an international adoption before. We are a single-income family with five adopted, but only four dependent children at home (the oldest has moved out already). You can email me at margie seely @ yahoo dot com. Thank you!