Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Grandparents- LOADS of pics :)

 OK everyone hang tight because mommy has gone waaayyyy overboard on the pics today.  You see grandma and grandpa were here last week and well.....she just had to pull out the camera and take pics of everything.  If you missed some pic go back a couple of posts and look there first :)
 See what I mean - she went overboard.....what?.....I wasn't doing anything.....ok I have a slight obsession with the cute Ethiopian baskets that are on the phone stand.  But mommy didn't have to post it :)
 This is Rascal going nuts over the laughing, moving doggy grandma brought with her.  It was hilarious to watch the cat bat it around.
 On the other hand I wasn't so sure of it....
 My big sister Sarah reading- she loves to read :)
 All of us at Sam Houston Jones State Park going on a hike with the see grandpa is really just a big kid :)
 Can you tell at all that Abigail loves to spoil me?  Yeah I know it's rough when you have sooo many siblings....he he he he
 Look at them- they act just like mommy & fact grandma sounds just like her!
 Hello :)
 OK I got really tired going in this backpack is tiring work so I took a snooze.
 Look at this cheeky brother of mine- what a ham....
 I just woke up....

 Grandma making sure Jonathan has his grip.
 Girls showing their skills....
 Abigail and Sarah :)
 Boys never to be outdone!
 Go Matthew...
 Hello do you think I make a cute space alien???
 I know Matthew does....
 Look at grandma talk with her hands.....
 Quick daddy will get us.....(daddy loves to play chase at the park)....
 Here's me and grandma hanging out......
 Playing games.....(uno)
We really loved having our grandparents if we could convince them to move south!!!!!  Hmmmm....probably not going to happen.  WE LOVE YOU GRANDMA & GRANDPA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pray you all have a BLESSED day- I am cutting my fourth tooth and am feeling a bit cranky, but it's all good because mommy & daddy hold me all day anyway :)  he he he - good night!


  1. i love grandparents! i wish mine lived closer too!

  2. Love the pictures and all those smiles...

    Love state parks- too much fun.

  3. Beautiful kiddos :) Elaina has the same little pink polka dot hooded jacket that Joanna has :)

  4. It is so fun with grandparents visiting. Don't you wish they just lived down the street?

  5. Looks like you all had a blast! Where are they from? Such cute pictures!

  6. What a blessing family can be!

    Keep up the pics they are fun!

  7. Those tiny teeth are adorable! Abby looks so tall (and just as pretty as she is tall.) Impressed with the monkeys on the monkey bars!!

  8. These are wonderful pictures.And the laughing dog made me smile, my husbands parents have one and our four year old always wants to see it when we visit. I'm not sure what our cat would think about it though. :-)