Thursday, January 6, 2011

Andrew James Wright- 8th Adoption Day Celebration....and mommy's new toy

 Good morning Andrew- Happy Adoption Day!!!!!!!
 Policeman lego helicopter....
 Narnia book.......
 Army tank set......
 =  Boys loving the toys :)
 He wanted some dirt cake this time around.
 Can't believe it was 8 years ago.  Andrew after the many bumps on the road to get you.  We couldn't love you more!!!!  You are the handsome, compassionate, fun-loving young man that God is raising to do His work.  We are sooo very proud of you.  MANY great things in store for your life :) as you continue to follow HIM. 
 Who better to model the new rocking chair?  Yeah, I mean who could ever get enough of Joanna? 
 Here she is showing you how to make the thing go....
See this is how mommy rocks me now when she gives me my baba.  Isn't it cool!!!  Daddy put it together for her, and now we all get to have fun :)  Oh yeah, she said something about the Rocking Mommy's challenge that she is doing, but really all we care about is spending time with our mommy in a fun chair.

(to read more about the rocking mommy challenge- see my last post :)

Pray your new year is going well so far!!!!!!!  I want to encourage you to keep reading the scriptures and opening your hearts to HIM.  The ONLY one who will never let you down!


  1. Happy Adoption Day, Matthew!!!!

    Love the rocking chair, AND the adorable pics of Joanna!:)

  2. So sweet...happy adoption day!

    We are just starting our adoption journey...can't wait to celebrate days like this :-)

  3. Happy Adoption Day!!! (love the cake)

    The rocker looks like a perfect to spend a few hours!!! Rock-a-way!!!!

  4. Happy Adoption Day Andrew!! God Bless You!!

    And Joanna- no, we could never get enough of her!! She is so cute! Love the rocker!!

  5. Hello!!!
    I am so happy I have found your blog! I have to say that your kids are really beautiful and I think you are amazing people to have adopted so many kids!
    I live in Germany but I am Brazilian. I am married for 4 months only but we are already trying to have kids for 6 months. I get every month so sad when I know I am not pregnant! but I know god will bless us soon!
    Unfortunately my husband don`t want to adopt, for me would be great to, but without his wish is impossible!
    well, just want to wish your family all the best always!!!


  6. Happy Adoption Day, Andrew! Love the rocking chair idea - we bought a swivel rocker for our living room right after we brought Yikealo home, and we spend some time rocking after his naps every day. (He's at his most snuggly then!) You will LOVE your chair!

  7. Hurray Andrew!! Would love to have seen how that dirt cake looked sliced up. :-)

    Comfy rocking chair. And the cutie pie sitting in it is just adorable!! :-D