Sunday, January 30, 2011

How's the Rocking Going...........

 First a word about Joanna....for those of you who think she is sooo cute and innocent......take a look.....
 Hello- Guilty! 
 But how do you even begin to say no to a face like
 THIS!!!!!!!!  :)  You don't - you scoop her up.....put the chips away find a different place for them, close the closet doors, block them, and snuggle because she is tooo CUTE!!!!!!  :)

 Just thought this was too funny not to share.  Evidently Rascal thought he would check out Joanna's seat...
Silly kitty :)

So how is the rocking going.  If you don't know what I was a challenge put out there to rock in a rocking chair- or just spend 10-15 minutes a day cuddling with your child that needs more love :)

Now before you jump to conclusions on anything, know that in our experience we have really worked hard on making changes in our home- looking into eyes, remaining calm, not letting it get to us, trying not to take it personally, making adjustments in how we react and talk with our loved child.  BUT being honest.  When you have gone through the is is want to want to throw in the towel...and there are days- YOU DON'T DO WELL.  Yep, it's true.  BUT you get back up and you start over and try MORE!

So the rocking for me has really not been about my beloved child- it is really about me.  MY attitude.  MY need to change my heart.  MY need to make sure that I am reminded daily that I LOVE HIM/HER with my whole being.  MY desire to fall in love with them again and again.

If that is the desired effect of this exercise- IT IS WORKING!!!  Now let me be EXTREMELY CLEAR- I HAVE AND ALWAYS WILL LOVE EVERY TREASURE IN OUR HOME!!!!!!  There has never been doubt of that- EVER.  But sometimes our hearts get ripped out while trying to heal the hearts of our little ones.  We need healing too.  For me, this has helped me in ways I really can't quite describe.

Our times together are beyond value.  Simple.  My child has thoroughly enjoyed it as well....conversations ....sometimes silly, but sometimes really honest.  Reading together....or just snuggling and cuddling.  It has been worth it- even on the days I haven't had "the time".

The crazy part is - we have set times and activities we do with our children all the time.  We homeschool.  We love listening and spending time with our kiddos.  So why is this different?  I don't know - it just has been.  I think it has to do with my attitude.

You ask- has it helped my child?  I think it has....probably more because it has helped me.  For the first time in a LOOONNNGGG time- TRUTH was told!  Now for anyone out there can I get an AMEN?  This was huge!!!!  She realized it too.  I seriously almost threw a party- believe me there was great rejoicing going on!!!  My child has also shared some feelings with me that weren't fake- HUGE!!!!  My child looks forward to cuddle time!  My child has looked into my eyes more than any other time.

So praying that God continues to change me for HIM!  To help us all love each other better :)

***Would appreciate some prayers- Joanna is sick right now.  Her first fever :(  sad days......
****There is also something big going on in our lives and I SOO want to share but can't for at least another week.  Sorry, but we NEED PRAYERS over this as well.  - it is not a child this time, but huge for our family.


  1. AMEN!!! That is huge and I am rejoicing with you! I have noticed the rocking is more for me too. Isn't it funny how at first you "think" you are doing it for your child, but then realize... hey wait... this is helping me too!! Love that.
    I will be praying... treasure you!

  2. Gosh- Someone else who knows about rocking time. It is such hard work at times, especially when at first your little one is just angry and doesn't want to sit and be rocked.... all they want to do is arch their back and cry. We are finally seeing our youngest relax and this week he fell asleep in my arms 3 times before nap time. Daddy rocking and singing at night has gone so much better too. Eye contact is improving as well. We still rock our 4 year old and tell stories and just talk, plus we have snuggle time on the couch every night. So important for them and me!

  3. I'm hearing you on the rocking--though I have seen probably equal improvement on both sides.

    It is such a treasure to have them relax against you and rest in your love. And look you in the eye and feel they connection that can be so hard for them.

    Praise God for your results.

    Just prayed for you and will continue.

  4. Praise God! I think I need to try this also. I agree it will be more for a change in me then in my child. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Praying for you "next big thing"... And glad the rocking's going well. I love to rock my kids...and babies...I preferred to rock them to sleep as infants no matter what "all" the books recommended...

  6. AMEN! You have said word for word my feelings at times. Thank you for voicing this. The rocking thing TOTALLY works...Hugs....

  7. I love the way that you've been honestly sharing about your life lately, and I'm so thrilled that the rocking is helping you break through! Praise God! Can't wait to hear your news...

  8. {sweet pictures!!! looks like the girl needed a snack.}

    Awesome to hear about the rocking... It's my favorite part of the day. FAVORITE!!!!

    Praying for you about 'the big thing'.

    God Bless!

  9. Love the pictures of the cat and Joanna is indeed a cutie!
    God showed me isolation with a child this week...need to do that more often.

  10. We will be praying!!

    Much love,
    Future Mama