Thursday, February 2, 2012

Whoa.....Picture overload, and NEWS!!!

 So this post will contain
 So If you love to see pictures of our crazy family- this is a great post :)
 In all the above pictures we are eating my mom's EPIC chocolate chip cookies!!!!  Seriously- not lying!!!  I have duplicated her EPIC chocolate crinkles, her sugar cookies, but not these.....YET, but it a goal to do so!!!!!! 
 This is what our table has looked like several hours of every day for the last 3 weeks, well bar some of us when we were sick that first week :(.
 I LOVE that our parents get along sooo well!!!!  I know how much of a blessing this is, and I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 Matthew in the wildfire room at MOSI (the museum of Science and Industry- here in Tampa)
 The hurricane winds tube.  It gets up to 80 mile per hour winds!!!!! 
 Yes- folks this is my father in love.....and this picture pretty much captures his REAL personality! 
 Yep, ditto......he he he
 And our kiddos LOVE IT!  Why? know like father like son.  ;)
 Looking at displays......
 Playing with displays..............
 Joanna went to my dad!!!!  Hello everyone this is a BIG DEAL!!!!  :)  Proud of my baby who is seriously in the last few months learning that other family are awesome to get love from too!  Hey, the great part- never have to worry about bonding with her :)

 Lots of UNO!
 Lots of connect 4!
 Lots of hugs!
 Lots of fun creating.  One day Grandpa and Abigail together designed all kinds of fun boots/shoes and handbags!!!!  They had a BLAST!!!
 Kids Sequence game- our kiddos love it! 
 Awww.....these moments couldn't be bought for millions of dollars!!!!
 Here they are designing away :)
 Mum and dad on the computer......
 Dividing out treats that the grandparents brought over......YUMMY snacks from England!
 LOVE :)
 Grandma doing the dots game on the magnetic board :)
 Jonathan just liked putting in the chips...he he he....
 Love seeing them all chatting away.....
 Grandma and grandpa from England bout some gifts for the kids for a late Christmas - THEY LOVED THEM!!!!
 Is it me or does Abigail just look like she is getting way older all of a sudden?  She said to me when I am 14 do I get to drive or what?  I said sweetie you are only 12.  She said- yeah, but I will be 13 later this year.  OH MY! 
 Can you hear the laughter?
 Uh oh....Abigail says.....grandpa???
Sarah is showing off some toy cupcakes and her new princesswear :)

SOOOOO.........THE BIG NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have no idea how this happened, but we received clearance from the other state the SAME DAY they submitted the paperwork for ICPC- last Friday!!!!!!!!  You may have heard me SCREAMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????????
What does this mean?  It means we should receive clearance from Florida by Friday of THIS WEEK!!!!  And that means TRAVEL- either this weekend, or early next week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

I will probably fly out earlier so I can spend a little extra time there, and Jason will fly out for a couple of days in there too.  :)  EXCITED doesn't even begin to describe!!!!!!!!!

Of course as with all adoptions.....our excitement has another side, a compassionate side for those who hold him now.  On top of all this- there has been some cruel comments made to them.  I can't even begin to think of how that feels.  PLEASE PRAY for healing.  It is sooo hard when others make judgements to you, about you, when you are in a situation no one else knows!  It rips my heart out!

************OH AND IN CASE YOU HAVEN'T HEARD ON FACEBOOK- ANDREW, JOSHUA, AND SARAH GOT BAPTIZED LAST NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  WAHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  SAYING I AM ONE BLESSED AND EXCITED MOMMY WILL NEVER EVEN COME CLOSE TO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have some pics, but they aren't that great.....what can I say....I was waaayyyyyy to excited for my babes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Awesome post, pics and news! :)

  2. LOVE all of the photos and captions! How wonderful to have all of the grandparents there together having fun--what memories! What a legacy!

    And WHAT?!?!? Traveling already!!! Whoo hoo! So excited for your family and this new addition and new adventure! Let me know if you need any meals delivered while you're away or once you get back--would be our pleasure to serve you all that way. Shoot me a date or email me if there's someone coordinating! Love ya! Hope to see you soon!


  3. Love seeing all of the pictures of your family with all of the grandparents. Such a treasure!!! Brought tears to my eyes. I am so excited for your news!! Praying for you and for the arms that hold him now.

  4. yahoo! praise the lord! love all the pictures...wish we had family that we could hang out with like that. i love those memories. will keep the prayers coming your way!

  5. WAHHHOOO! I am really, really, REALLY exicted for you all!!!!!!!And...just a tad bit jealious..haha But it's a good jealious.(if there is such a thing :)) I will continue to pray for you, your new little guy AND his family he is leaving behind!Love to you all!

    Your Sister in Christ!

  6. Wow. That is so quick! Were you expecting it to be that quick?

  7. I'm not sure if I've ever commented on here, but I have been following your blog for a while now.

    I'm 15 and love watching families grow through the miracle of adoption. :) Your family is amazing, and I can always see the love that your family shares.

    I have a 5 yr. old sister from Ethiopia, and we are currently in the process of adoption again from ET. We're very excited, and once we finish our dossier... The wait begins.

    It's recently been a longer waiting process, and we really hope to be waiting for a referral before the end of 2012. Especially for littler kids (babies) and that's what we have on our paperwork is ages 0-2.

    We love older child adoption, and have gone through the process of it with my sister. What we didn't really was that she was actually 1 1/2 years older than what her referral said.

    Blessings to your beautiful family, and congrats on your little guy! He is so adorable! :)

    Great pics and I can't wait to hear more news!


    family blog:

  8. Hi Dawn
    It is lovely seeing all your pictures ~ your table looks like a fun place to be!
    Wonderful news ~ I'm praying for you!!!
    Looking forward to 'meeting' your newest family member soon!

  9. BIG HUGE AWESOME NEWS!!!!!! Very excited for your family.

    (Love the pics!)

  10. LOVE the pics!!! And a HUGE congrats on finally traveling!! :)

  11. Oh my goodness! That is so fast! Yea for you! I adopt through foster care and it sure does take a lot longer, usually years. So I am so glad for you. God speed!

  12. Love looking at your blog and thank you so much for putting all this music on, whilst I am working on the computer I have these brilliant songs playing!