Monday, February 20, 2012

More about meme and an indoor surprise

 So just finished a meme.....and got tagged Laurel over at Our Journey of Faith.  Since I was just tagged....I won't be tagging anyone, but will answer the questions just for fun :)

So we went to IKEA.......and got a fun toy, I mean something for the kids.  You will find out what it is as you scroll down and read. 

1.  What is your Favorite Dessert?  Soft, Big, Cookies!!!  Specifically Chocolate Crinkles- which is my recipe on the last post :)
 2.  What is your Favorite Book (not the Bible)?  Why?
I love several books.....which I have to say is strange considering I never really liked to read books that much as a young adult.  But I am loving Kisses for Katie- by Katie Davis.  Why?  Because she inspires me!!!  She is REAL about life and her faith!   

3.  What is your Favorite Book of the Bible? Why?  I Love the book of Acts....the early church, how we should live, I learn from it more and more!

 4.  When did you give your life to the Lord?  **answered in the last post :)

5.  What is your Favorite Childhood Memory?  Living on the farm- playing with the animals...we had pigs, cows, chickens, kittens, a dog- playing in the hay loft...looking for new kittens.  LOVED IT!!!!!! 
 6.  What is your Worst Childhood Memory?  Ummm....also last post :)

7.  What Character Traits make your Best Friend your Best Friend?  Christian, great listener, supportive, and faithful. 

8.  What do you see as Your Most Important Character Trait or Virtue?  ***8,9,10 all answered in last post :0
9.  What person in the Bible do you most relate to?
10. What Scripture Verse do you cling to in times of trouble?
 11.  List the 5 Top Defining Moments of your life.  1)  Giving my life to Christ, 2)  having cancer and surviving, 3)  Meeting and marrying my best friend, 4)  Camp - being a camper, being a counselor, and directing, 5) Each one of my children!  I know those are all "moments" but they are the biggest things in my life that have defined who I am in general. 
 Responses from the tagging in my last post:  Here is Jennifer's responses from Peterson Ponderings
 Soooo.....guess what else God has done for our family? 
 We haven't had professional photos taken of our family since we only had 5 kiddos.  he he he.....I mean that money was always put towards then next adoption :)  So we would set the camera on it's 3 legged stand and beg the kids to look at the camera.  Those who didn't look every time- daddy photoshopped!!!!!!!  So there you have it.  Some of our greatest photos of all the kids or our whole family - were photoshopped!!!  It's true!!!!

As far as photos of Jason and I....ummm.....well......let's see.....when Tracie Loux was helping us with our profile for this last adoption.  Let's just say she was asking about where our photos were???  Did you know we had to scrounge for ANY!  I mean we had some, but well....the kids are so cute, and we are not?  So we went through the last several years.  And found....maybe 3-4.  :)
So AGAIN God gave us a hook up :)  YEA GOD!!!!  My grandma's room at the nursing home happens to be across the hall from Alexis Marie's grandma's room.  So she had seen us there, and then we met again at church too!!!!  She said that she wanted to photograph our family right away, but thought we might think she was a big strange.  :)  (aren't we all!!!)

SOOOO this last Sunday- she took our pictures!!!!!!!!  Check out the facebook page or my page to see more.....and of course once we get even more pics- I will be posting them.  THANK YOU GOD for provision even in things that aren't necessary, but still a WONDERFUL BLESSING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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