Sunday, February 12, 2012

How is it going? A post by Michael

 Well......we have been busy. 
 Exploring all the new toys!  Did you know that with 8 brothers and sisters I HAVE A TON of new toys as well as all my favorites that I still have!  This is awesome!
 I get to be a "twin" and it is pretty fun.  We do a lot together including sit on mommy and daddy's laps together....because we are cute like that!
 I got to meet GG, and she is really sweet!  I am her 23 great grandchild!  She thinks our family rocks- did you know she grew up with 11 brothers and sisters?  YEP! 
 OK so check out this cool skill....never mind the little baby spit up on the floor- that is not important, but the fact that I crawled on my own down this 1/2 step is awesome!  Did I mention I have also crawled up it too?  Yea....I've got some pretty amazing skills!!!
 And well....look at my eyes- you can just see my handsomeness.  Is that a word?  Anyway, doesn't matter what do I care?  :)
 Oh and I met "Aunt Jane" (she is really my mommy's aunt, and more like a grandma to me but she is cool).  Although I gave her this big yawn!
 I have been busy resting....because it takes rest to accomplish such cuteness and skills you know. 
 Here I am chillin' in the tub......
 With my twin sister! 
 She showed me baths aren't too bad.  I am not a huge fan, but I guess it is ok.  Joanna loves the bath. 
 This is seriously the perfect shirt because my mommy used to teach band!  Now I am in her band too ;)
 My big brother took this pic.....aww....I love my mommy....
 Look at us in the stroller that mommy K gave us!  Are we cute or what?  We had fun on our walk!
 OK so mommy set me up against this seat thing......
 Look at me go!!!  Oh yeah.....I held on for over a minute!!!!  ***Do not worry she was right there and would never let me fall!!!!!  Camera in one hand hand ready to catch me too!
 Watch this.....where am I going?
 Oh yeah....I am sooo cute!  crawling through the tunnel!
 And sister is cheering me on. 
 I have a great twin!  We are sooo adorable together.  Not that we have been told that or anything?  he he he he he.....only a million times in the past 5 days!
 Who is this handsome man with those cute glasses?  Oh yeah baby it is me!  I am a ladies man :)
And my sibs well- they are GREAT!  And that in a nutshell is how it has been going.  Mommy and daddy say I am doing great!  They are my cheerleaders, my smoochers, my huggers, and I am getting lots of love!!!  They say they can see that there are times I miss my first healing family, but they remind me how much they still love me and show me pictures of them.   I think I must be extremely special because I sure have a lot of people that LOVE ME A LOT!!!!!!  :)


  1. I'm glad he's fitting in well. I'm sure he'll get plenty of stimulation!

  2. Love all the pics ... and the "twins" ... and the glasses.

    Big Hugs and Blessings to all of you!

    :) :) :)

  3. WOW!! He looks like he has made INCREDIBLE progress already! GO BUDDY GO!!