Friday, January 27, 2012

Making Memories

 My blog has been home a little noisier.....and there have been many cookies eaten!!!!
 And for those of you who have to worry about the inlaws or outlaws.....I have no idea what that is like because GOD BLESSED US with parents who LOVE each other and get along so well.....sometimes we have to squeeze into their conversation!!!!  :)  he he he
 BUT the best part- is seeing them totally dote on our children!!!!!!!! 
 We have NOT DONE ANY HOME SCHOOLING since the grandparents have been here- and I DO NOT CARE!!!  Why?  Because what could be more important than playing barbies with grandpa?  We teach our children that family is the most important!  How can we do that with grandparents sooo far away?  Well.......when they are here we spend all the time we can with them.  If that means no naps or less naps or whatever....then so be it!  We will home school through the summer anyway.  Might as well take time to smell the roses. 
 Or smell batman?  Whichever works for you- right Joanna?
 Or you could kiss Batman......but daddy said no dating Joanna!!!  Did Batman ask daddy if he could steal a kiss??  Ummm...I don't think so!  he he he he
 How do you make a really grumpy girl smile?  Let her play with daddy's keyboard for a bit :)
 There will be many more pics of all our kiddos enjoying grandparent time!!!  And I wouldn't have it any other way!  I am sooo thankful for skype, phones, facebook, and emails!!!!!!!!!!!  Or in my mom's case snail mail.....almost forget what that is ;)
 We have been very busy here playing lots of games all day long! 
 Oh and Andrew was set on making no bake cookies so he wanted to have them- he made them! 
LOVE that all of my babes love to help in the kitchen :)  And YES they are yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That and my mom made her famous and yes they are famous- chocolate chip cookies!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yep, a few extra desserts never hurt anyone!  :)

So if you wonder where I have been- I have been extremely happy spending time with my family :)

**Adoption update- ICPC was started today!  So we are getting closer.......will hopefully only be a couple of weeks now....but could be shorter or could be longer (most adoptions are within the 7-10 day limit, but sometimes there are extra tidbits that can slow things down.....and so I will try to wait patiently- I did say try).  Please pray with me for the ICPC to go smoothly.  For his family he is with- again....this is a very very very hard situation.  Not for our son- he is soooo LOVED!!!  But for the family.  And I am constantly thinking of them and praying for God's Hands to cover them and give them strength.  Thank You!!!


  1. Love the flexibility of homeschool!!!!! Family moments are the most important.

    Those cookies look good!

    Praying for your little one (and all hearts involved!)

  2. Can't wait to see pictures of your new child home. This has gone so fast. Just remembering the 3 year wait for my twins and only an earthquake sped that up! I am so excited for you all!!!!!!!!!

  3. You have a beautiful family:) I hope the adoption goes well. Best wishes & God bless:)~Sandy

  4. Dawn, I am praying for you guys every night! I cannot WAIT for you to get your hands on your newest little babe! I think I am as excited for you as I am for us! It's nice to have someone to share all this with...especially when we are at about the same place! I am glad you all are having a great time visiting!!!!! And you are right! There is NOTHING more important than family! Love ya!

  5. We continue to pray for that little man to be home soon. Love the pictures of all the family. Makes me jealous! We don't have family close or friends for that matter....Love that you have that time together!
    Love you guys!
    The funkhousers!

    1. We have been there- no friends (except our co worker :) ...for over 7 years!!! One of the many reasons we moved here. My parents and Jason's parents live a loooonnnngggg ways away, but I have an aunt, a grandma, and 2 cousins that live within minutes of our home!!! :)

      It is very rough to not have family near by...very rough!!!! Until we moved here......we literally had close friends with our summer staff- but they all went to college soooo....yeah.....on our own a lot.

      I will pray specifically that God brings you friends!!!! Since moving here besides having family nearby....God has given us friends!!! HALLELUJAH!!!!! Seriously a huge thing!!!! Friends that love our family too!!!! PRAYING!!!!!! For God to Bless you with this- sooo very important!!!!

  6. Love the memories! Praying with you and all involved for the adoption!!! :)

  7. So glad for you to be able to spend so much time with family! What a blessing! We will also be praying for everything to go smoothly with the new adoption! So excited to see him being loved on by all his new siblings! Tara

  8. LOVE that attitude! Grandparents DEFINITELY Take the #1 slot over school :)

  9. Dawn-- it is so awesome that the grandaparents are so interactive with the kids. What a bessing! I am so excited for you and your new addition!