Friday, February 17, 2012

God Appointments!

 Awww....Abigail and Joanna hanging out doodling on the doodle board.  Cute!  Have I mentioned that I love the fact that our olders enjoy playing with the youngers?  Because I DO!!!  :)
 Ummm......mommy.....I can't see......
 Ok sweetie sorry- how's that?  he he he....Oh I LOVE the glasses!!!!!!!!  And I know he is probably thinking wow- did you know there is a whole other world to explore?  :)
 Joanna showing him her favorite button to push ;)
 Ummmm......mommy.....Joanna's messing with my toy.  Sorry sweetie- get used to it.  ;)  he he he.....

So just a note on some other amazing things Michael is doing- just because we are celebrating EVERYTHING!  He has shown great hand to hand transfer, mimicking your actions in play time, and following objects.  Again....he has not learned this in the last week, but we are still learning all about him.  What he can already do.  What we can do to help him improve body strength, coordination, etc.

So I have to stop and tell you some God Appointments that have happened that have totally made me SOOO EXCITED!

1) When my hubby flew out to meet us last week he saw someone he knew from church.  Now remember our church if you didn't know is over 5,000 people.  This person happens to be on the same flight?  ;)  They talk for a bit.  Jason introduces himself and explains where he is going.  This person happens to lead "Raising Incredible Kids" at our church!

As the plane boards.......they both wait.  As they call out each section....they are still waiting.  They finally compare tickets- yep you guessed it.  God sat them in the same row with someone in between.  So when they board they ask the person if they want an aisle row, and they talked the whole flight :).  Encouraging each other!!!  THANK YOU GOD!

Oh and just because God is cool like this.  They discovered that we both have daughters named Sarah who are 7..........that BOTH have Birthdays on May 5th!  :)  Very Cool!

2)  So as a part of starting the new foster care/adoption ministry at our church we are becoming life group leaders.  One of the steps is getting connected to a community leader (someone who overseas and encourages life group leaders etc.).  So Jason had a meeting set up at Applebee's with him yesterday.

Oh, and did I mention he is a doctor?  When Jason told him about Michael......he said well I happen to know personally the Pediatric Infectious Disease Doctor at University of South Florida- which is 20 min. up the road.  Ummmm......and I can hook you up!!!!  It only turns out that she has been doing leading HIV studies for as long as I have been out of college!  And she is the leading PID in FL!!!

Now.....going back to when we first found out we were matched with Michael.  My prayers became fervent over the fact that I didn't just want any doctors or therapists.  I wanted THE BEST for Michael's sake.  I wanted to give him the WORLD!  His first healing family moved specifically to give him excellent care and I wanted to make sure we were carrying this forward!  HE DESERVES IT :)  not that I am biased or anything.

Oh and did I mention that they have all the therapists there that can work together?  And she can make all the recommendations needed for him?  Ummmmm......THIS MAKES US HAPPY PARENTS!!!!!!!!!!!  PRAISE GOD!!!!!!  Michael- God has show HIS UNFAILING LOVE for you in BIG WAYS!!!!  Can't wait to see what HE is going to do!!!!

3) OK so you know how it is for us mommies who used to do this job or that, and we don't always talk about what it was we used to do well you know because we are full time mommies and we usually talk about that instead?  Ummm.....come to find out my good friend Melissa Dupuis......ummm...yeah she used to work with children who needed physical therapy.  Hello!!!  So she was giving me some activities to start with Michael in the mean time to help that core strength!  SOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!  :)

GOD APPOINTMENTS ROCK MY WORLD!  THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Serious prayers answered!!!!!!!!!!   
 My hubby bought me roses for Valentine's Day, and one for each of the girls.  You know we want our girls to remember how special they are so when they grow up they expect that of their future spouses.  It isn't about the roses, but about making sure they get the fact that they are loved, respected, and protected in our home and this is what they should look for in a husband.

Thank you baby- I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS COULD EVER SAY!!!!!!!!!!! 
 So he he he......Joanna you are silly!  You never took a paci as a baby.  Believe me we tried!  And now since all the baby stuff came out think this is a cool fashion statement?  You are crazy girl!  :)  And I am crazy about you!!!!  Fortunately....the pacifier go lost?  Oh well.  ;)
This is a bad picture as far as lighting, but here are my babes waiting on mommy to give them a bath after breakfast.  Look at the cute faces!!!  And the cute baby chub, smooth baby skin......surrounded by yumminess in this home!


  1. LOVE the way God works to bring about so many perfect things in our lives! Thanks for sharing!!! :0)