Monday, February 27, 2012


 Mommy.....what is all this?  Well sweetie today we are celebrating that 2 years ago- YOU WERE BORN!!!!!!!!! 

 Ok.....what is this then?  Welcome to fun presents baby!!!!
 Some snuggles :)
 Look at his excited face!!!  He loves this present- it makes noise, and songs, and has a tiny moving screen!!!
 The kids all pressing in to see what he got!
 Look at me- I am pretty special!!!
 Hmmm.....these balls are pretty cool!
 I am pretty handsome aren't I?
 And these trucks are pretty cool too! wouldn't be playing with your brother's birthday toys would you?
 Happy Birthday Baby!!!!!!  WE LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 Awwww.....the twins sharing some cuteness!!!!!!
 Oh dear?  Joanna- Woof!  That is some severe LOVE!!!!  he he he he he.......awwwww.......
 Hey, a man has to have the essentials!  MILK it does the body good :)
 Look at this outfit!  It was a gift from a bloggy friend- more on that later, but just concentrate on my cuteness please!
 I love my TOYS!!!  Wow this Birthday thing is AWESOME!
 Happy Face!!!
 So......these things are like the best ever!!!!!
 And I was sooo excited....
 And having sooo much fun with them......
 That mommy kept snapping pictures.......
 Cause I was smilin'......
 And chasing.......I love balloons!!!!!!!
 OK....what is this.....I have to sit up and play with toys....
 Yep, and you did wonderful sweetie!!!!!!

Hey, mom tell him about the awesome cupcakes!!!!!!  I LOVE this part!!!!
OK sweetie- here is your tower of cupcakes!!!
With a big 2 on top!
Ummm.......looks good...........
What you eat this?
Umm.......I could maybe get used to this??  :)  (***he doesn't eat soled foods yet, but he was kinda digging the sugary buttercream frosting) this is what I am talking about!

See- Michael do this- it's fun, squishy, and makes you look really cute!
Ummm.....I am already CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  YES BABY YOU ARE!!!!
Michael, there is just more than a rush of emotions today!  More than just we love you and are soo happy that you are here- ALTHOUGH WE ARE!  It is more than that because today we remember your birth mom and your first healing family too!!!!  They are all a part of your story!!!  And ALWAYS will be!!!!  And that is such a HUGE MIRACLE!  It is on our minds today......and every day, but more today because we love them.  Because you would not be you without them!  And you would not be here without them!

Oh......the words just aren't really coming out right tonight, but believe me son when I say that today was HUGE!  Today was a party in our home and in our hearts, and in the hearts of some other amazing people!  WE ALL LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH!!!!!  Some day you will know the many, many, many, many, many people that prayed over you, for you, for all the changes you have faced, the hard things, the hard things your first families faced, the pain, the JOY, and everything inbetween!!!!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY MICHAEL!!!!!!!  WITH MORE LOVE THAN YOU COULD EVER IMAGINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You all know how to throw a par-tee!! Happy day. Great pics. :)

  2. What a wonderful celebration of such a sweet son!

  3. Did you know that I am getting LOTS of post links that go nowhere? " our love story pt 5" a no- namer, "how much is your time worth" all two hours ago. Then 5 hours ago untitled that says la la la la. "Let me be washed " 8 hours ago. It was the same the past few days....

    1. I will explain more in the next post, but I was working on labeling old posts. I went back through over 400 posts...... :) well as I did that there were some glitches and some random posting of craziness he he he .....yeah. SORRY!!!!!

      Should be fixed now and everything was deleted as far as the randomness! :)

  4. he is so darn how he just loves everyone and they love him. you have a wonderful family!
    love you guys
    the funk's

  5. Happy Birthday Michael!!!!!! We are so blessed to get to be a part of your life :) Looks like you had an awesome day!!!

  6. Fabulous photos - what a lovely, lovely little grandson I have! At last I can make comments on your blog having sorted out the google account - yeah!

    1. Yea!!! Will love seeing your comments here mum! :)

  7. Oh, it's a beautiful thing to see him smiling with his brothers and sisters :)