Tuesday, February 21, 2012

For Realz

 Yep, you guessed it....we had to put them both in a toddler seat because someone was jealous, but I won't mention who?  :)  Can you believe that within a monthish these two will both be 2?  WOW!!  My twins are growing up....awwww......
 If you have a crazy dad- your hair might end up like this?  Hey, at least he wasn't worried about it :)  **Don't worry daddy finished it. 
 So for real...this is very clean compared to how my house usually looks....
Ummm......this hallway is a nightmare to get through to the boys' room and the downstairs bathroom.  If you visit- you may want to just go upstairs to use the bathroom :)  Today walking down to the lower level I had to step over toys.

So For Realz!  This is my life!

If you have some silly idea that I have it all ordered and under control- ummm....yeah....I am barely surviving getting back into our school routine.  It has sucked the wind out of my sails!  BUT, I do love some order to the day.  So we are getting there.  I am just real in that- if you walked into my home during our morning school time you would hear toddlers screeching, Michael playing with noisy toys, and my teaching in my pjs because that is REAL.

I was reminded the other night in conversation about an incident....here is another confession- One of our kiddos has issues wiping.  Yea- the brown stuff.  And it usually ends up in her underwear.  We told her if she can't wipe it is not a problem and we would help.  BUT instead she decided not a problem.  I will not wipe and leave the evidence in my underwear and stick it in a pile in the corner of our room behind the bunk beds where no one looks.  OH YES SHE DID!  All 23 pairs of underwear!!!!!!  I didn't even know she owned that many, but you know.  You shop for new underwear when the school "season" starts, and evidently she kept her old underwear too, and used some of Sarah's.  OYE!

Yep, there you have it a few real life moments in the Wright home.  It is real.  It is life.  And I wouldn't trade it for the whole world!

So come on......confess something, and make the rest of us feel more normal- Please :)


  1. This post had me laughing! When my oldest went through a phase of not wiping well, I bought some of those flushable potty wipes (the store brand is usually really cheap) and kept them on the back of the toilet. It really helped a lot, and I think she felt less embarrassed about it because of that. Otherwise, I just had to keep telling her to keep wiping until she sees NOTHING on the toilet paper and that I didn't care how much she used, LOL!

  2. LOVE it! I'll have to think of some good stories/photos to share ...

    I think I'll title my post (or series of posts), "Confessions of a Real Mom".

    :) :) :)

  3. ha ha! no nothing like that EVER happens to me!!!

  4. Ha! What a great post!

    My confession: the top of my piano is my office...in other words every homeschool paper, folder, binder, worksheets and craft. It doesn't bother me one bit ;)

  5. My confession:

    #1- I don't like sweeping the floor, so I let the dog be my "vacuum" in the kitchen after meals most days. Instead of bending down to pick it up, I'll call him over and tell him to eat it.

    #2- I let my kids pick out their own outfits a lot and they have zero fashion sense. It is not uncommon to wear plaids and polka dots of different colors at the same time.

    #3- I am a pinterest junkie and even tried to do one of the craft projects. I am 70% finished- and it is remaining strong at 70% for the past 3 months. Now craft pieces are lying cluttered around the house and I just keep moving them from room to room and spot to spot because I keep saying "I'll get to it soon" when in reality I know I'm really thinking "Get real Jess, you are NEVER going to pick that project back up and you know it."

  6. I love your blog! And, I love your heart for Jesus. But, I think you should remove your daughters name from this post. Just call it the "child who shall not be named". This could cause her a lot of pain down the road. Just saying.. ~ Jo

  7. Dawn...Oh my goodness! I love it! Hmmmm...confessions? Ok, I got one. Most days, my daughters don't sleep in their own beds. most days....they all sleep in Luke's room. I seriously don't know what the draw is...they just all like sleeping in the same room. It may come from winter's on the farm. We all retreated to the family room. It was the warmest room in our 1892 farm house. :)

    Love ya!!!!

  8. Hey thanks for sharing the REAL stuff!! We have undie issues too at our house!

    Love your twins BUT I can't tell which one is which ;-)

    Thanks for tagging me- I haven't had a chance to respond- will try to later!!

  9. So glad I'm not alone in the 'I can barely keep up' category! Every week our poor piano teacher gets to see all of our laundry that needs to be folded and put away(underwear included) sitting on the living room couch! And I'm usually washing dishes every time she come too! I can't keep up and I only have three kids!

  10. A year and 1/2 ago, when we got our wonderful speech therapist to come to our home, I vacuumed that morning, got dressed, did hair, etc. Now (added 4 kids in 22mo), she sees us in PJ's, and all the "real"stuff.

    I have a menu of 30 dinners a month--with no repeating---BUT my poor kids get no variety at lunch or bfast....EVERY Monday, is the same, EVERY Tues.....and so on....makes life easier.