Saturday, February 11, 2012

Daddy meets Michael for the first time

 OK so this pic was after we have been home, but I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I mean this little man was already cute, but with those he just yummy, or is it just me?  he he he......awwwww......
 So he stayed up late with mommy and we went to the airport Monday night to get daddy.  Daddy was with us there about 24 hours.  He didn't know for sure if Michael would be with me.....but when he saw that.....
 He scooped him up!  So little man what do you think of your daddy?
 Awwww............I am pretty sure daddy was almost crying.  You know sometimes you only see my opinions and writing on this blog, but daddy LOVES his babes just as much as I do!  He has been sooo excited to bring home our son.  To say YES to him.  His side of it may be a little different than mine- he is responsible to provide and protect his family.  And husband constantly amazes me!  Because of his deep love and passion for the children who need families.  I guess he totally knows my love language :).
 And of course he couldn't wait to feed him....oh and tickle him too!!!!
 He gave him a bath (yea the bathroom was too small for me to get a great picture- sorry). 
 He he he.......too cute to resist.  Our first flight was pretty empty so we put him between us just for a bit to stare at his cuteness......  I mean who can resist this?
 Here we are HOME with all of us together :)  And if you look closely....other than Matthew who is trying to look at the camera for mommy.....everyone is staring at Michael.  Hard not to!!!!!

***A great bloggy friend took pics for us at the airport.  So when we get those I will be posting.  We just had our family there and the friend who took the pics.  Loved seeing my babes again and seeing how much the loved their new brother!
 Ok so many have probably been thinking- how is Joanna doing?  Well, I can say I am truly amazed!  PRAISE GOD!!!!  Other than testing out Michael's empty bottles, reverting to occasionally wanting a taste or two of his baby food- (which if you will remember she hated baby food and gagged on it all the time so we never really gave her much at all when she was little), and wanting to be held when he is being held.  She is doing fantastic!  Seriously was braced for a storm!  This is a girl who does not share mommy and daddy  It is all prayers and God my friends!!!
 And this is a few of the many pictures that will be coming your way! 
 I don't think he has been able to crawl as much as normal because he is constantly snatched up by his siblings.  he he he....
 But they all just want him to know how much they all love him!
 And they love his toys his mommy K packed for him.  So they are playing very well with him.  So cute!
 Oh and look at this!  YES!  He will now be matching his family as we go out in our Got  Love shirts :).
 His favorite drawing toy.  So cute!
Joanna you now have a twin- what do you think about this?  Ummm...I think he is cute!  And I love him :)

SHOUT OUT to- My friends Melissa Dupuis and her wonderful family and the Christy Boyce and her wonderful family for bringing food for our cuties back home while Jason and I were gone!  It means sooo much to me that you were willing to do this!!!!  THANK YOU!!!

AND OF COURSE A HUGE SHOUT OUT TO- HEIDI DIXSON my cousin for watching our 8 kiddos while we were gone!!!  YOU ARE SOOO STINKING AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I LOVE YOU MORE THAN WORDS CAN SAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. LOVE IT!!!! He is so adorable:) We're sooo happy for you!

  2. So happy for you guys! Praying God's healing hand on him daily!!:) ENJOY!!!:)

  3. That is sooo exciting!

    Praise GOD! He is adorable, and I think it's great how everyone wants to love on him.

    Congrats and I can't wait to see more pictures soon!


  4. LOVE seeing all of you together! God's richest blessings to you! :)

  5. LOVE it!!!! What a handsome little man! So happy for all of you!!!!!