Saturday, February 25, 2012

Happenings in the Wright Home

 Awww.....look at this beautiful girl!  How could you ever think she would do anything wrong?  She looks angelic right? 
 And this handsome model.  Very cute if I do say so myself!!
 Oh dear....this little one is just well- ADORABLE and you want to squeeze her!
 This little man rarely gets put down.....except when I remind myself he needs to strengthen his muscles and he can't do that all the time in my arms.  ;) 
 How stinking tall will this beautiful young lady get?  OYE!  That's it I am chopping off her legs.  :)  he he he.....I have maybe a teeny bit of envy ok!
 Look at them all playing so well together.....
 And daddy gets a turn too!!!! 
 Ummm.....mommy is just going to model- because ummm....I stink at this thing- :)
 Hey you Joanna- what do you think of the new scooters?  Wooooooowwwwww
 How is that helmet supposed to fit?  Ummm....yeah....we need to work on that!
 Hey handsome, in his stoller so he can join the wheels of fun time!
 Aww...big brother helping!
And look Joanna is manning the whole operation making sure everyone is behaving :)

So confession time again.  It's good for the soul right?  Ummmm......these scooters.  Yea, they were a present from months ago!!!!  We don't do traditional Christmas presents on Christmas day.  We are crazy like that.  We do presents, but more randomly, and usually over time.  So this was just a lot more time....he he he he....or yea....all our kids found them because we had gotten them out to give to them, and you can't hide 4 scooters and 8 helmets very easily??  And well.......they sat there because we had to put some of them together- mainly the 3 wheel one that is for the littles.

So there  you have it- parents of the year award goes to.......NOT US!  :)  Thank you very much!!!

Ok so I really don't think that this has anything really to do with parents of the year award.  Parenting is soo much more than presents, or underwear (see last post), or whatever you are dealing with at the moment.

So what has been happening in our home......well......since Jason had a week off for when we flew up to bring Michael home and then 2 weeks of working part time from home we went to MOSI (museum of Science and Industry with LOADS of kids fun stuff) one morning, and yesterday- because Jason worked a full day Thursday we went to Universal with the kiddos again.  Getting great use out of our year long passes to both places!  We figured if you spend the money on it- make it worth it!!!!!!!!

We obviously have been doing some scooting.  Which the kids have LOVED!!!  And getting outdoors in this great weather!!!  Even filled up our pool (we usually keep it filled, but not always to the top if you like) in hopes of sometime soon getting in it.  Probably within the monthish.  Yes, it will be cold, but our kids don't care!  They have already been swimming in the ocean twice, and that was cold too!!!

Today I went to a ladies brunch for mommies that are having their children dedicated in church, while Jason went to play laser tag with some daddies!  And tomorrow we will be dedicating our twins!!!  Now in case you have not been to our blog for long- Joanna and Michael are a month a part, but I like calling them my twins.  They don't act anything like each other in any physical form- except they are about the same height and weight, but it is fun for me to say because I always wanted twins!  :)

It was fun- great food and GREAT CONVERSATION!!!  I hope I was able to encourage some mommies I got to talk to.  I think it is sooo important that people understand we are NOT SUPER HEROES!!!!  That is a misconception!!!!!  We are just a family that happens to have a lot of children and we love them :)

What is important is that we encourage each other to help them along the way - every chance we get!  Let's face it - it is HARD WORK being a parent!!!!  Whether you are expecting or have 20+ children!!!  It is HARD!  Not unbearable, not horrible, but hard nonetheless.

So if you are here reading this, and you are a mommy- I want to take a minute to ENCOURAGE YOU!!!!!!!  Believe me when I say we all have hard times, make mistakes, have issues with our kiddos, and face extreme situations.  BUT BEING A MOMMY or DADDY IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!  I pray you will find hope in all the chaos of raising children.  I PRAY that you will know that you are NOT ALONE!!!!!!!!  I am right there with you, maybe not physically, but I am here doing the mommy thing with you.  And I pray you realize HOW SPECIAL THAT IS!!!!!

Ok, so without writing 10 more posts in one.....I will just say I pray your weekend is GREAT!  Oh and did I mention that Michael is turning 2 on the 27th?  Oh, well HE IS an we are pretty EXCITED ABOUT IT!!  :)


  1. oh my goodness, Joanna is getting so big! I did a double take to make sure it was her! :) You are one BLESSED momma!

  2. Okay, so Jasmine and I will come visit in June and bring our scooters. You have to try our Slither. And no, your not too big for it: )

  3. Look like fun times on scooters! Kids are just beautiful- and growing...

  4. Thanks for this post Dawn. We had a really crappy day yesterday with Ben and I both being really tired and me not parenting well. It was the encouragement I needed to pick myself up and start all over again today. Oh yes, and lots of prayer last night too!!

  5. Somebody called me Supermom at church today. I think I will write your answer on a little index card and put it in my back pocket. Workin' hard right along with ya!!!

  6. Someone told me I run circles around them..I'm with Jennifer I'm carrying your answer with me!!