Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Unexpected Blessing

 Hello, I am cute, and these are my new shoes.  Thanks!
 Yes, feel free to stare at my cute chub because it is soo yummy my mommy wants to eat it daily.  :)
 SOOOOO.......Jason phoned on Monday afternoon and said there is someone at the office that is giving away tickets for the Tampa Ray Rays vs. New York Yankees.  Would we like to go to the game that night?
 OK so you have to know our kiddos go to bed early (youngers at 7pm olders at 8pm)- so I said to the kids you will need to take a nap today, but trust me it is worth it!  They whined, begged, pleaded on their knees, but I wouldn't give in and tell them the surprise.........
 This was what they thought when the found out......
 I think my girl got up and down at least a million times during the game- good thing there was no one behind us!
 Oh yeah, baseball is my favorite....
 Isn't she sooo beautiful? 
 My handsome man!  Look at his face :)
 Sarah gives it two thumbs up!
 Oh yeah, it was worth taking a nap!  This is cool!
 Yeah, couldn't get Joanna to look at the camera...every time there was cheering she looked away.  Oh well, she is cute anyway!

The Tampa Bay Rays won!!!  YEAH!!!!!!!!!!  It was a fun game.  Haven't been to a professional baseball game since college.  :)  Used to go on family vacations - because my brothers always wanted to go.

Oh so sweet when you get a blessing just because- Thank God for little surprises!!!!!

OK I know you can't post to tell me, but if you are still having issues posting on my blog will you shoot me an email, or facebook me- Thanks!  Trying to figure it out :)


  1. How fun! Hooray for free tickets from work! I also love the photo on your header... so many blessings!

  2. um yeah a few months ago when we were visiting husband and son took Gramps as a belated fathers day gify. The Rays lost that night but they still had a great time and made lots of memories. Thrilled yall were able to go, and look at those shirts!CUTE!

  3. What fun! Our family loves baseball, but it's been many years since we took the whole family ... like since we only had 3 or 5 kids. :)

    :) :) :)

  4. How fun! What a great night out! And yes, your children are beautiful!! :)

  5. What a wonderful family time!!! And as always, your children are so cute!!!

  6. Yeah! So glad you're not fans of the stinkin' Yankees.