Thursday, September 22, 2011


******GREAT NEWS EVERYONE- I think the commenting has been fixed!!!!!  So feel free to start commenting again and I am praying it works.  It should I have had people test it :) !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 So last Saturday we took a trip to the Florida aquarium with the kids.  We had free entry for September because of our Museum of Science and Industry year round tickets- YEAH!  It was  great to see the fish and birds in the displays so close. 
 Getting an even closer look.
 Joanna wanted to touch it :)  I love how sting rays look like a permanent smiley face :)
 They had a section of sea creatures you could reach in and touch. 
 The water was freezing cold, but it was fun to touch things you normally just get to see. 
 It was fun to feel- bumpy, hard, soft, squishy, etc. all in the wonderful creatures God made. 

 Look who is trying a shell on.....
 Awww....this hermit crab is cute- I think I should keep her!
 And this one has a great smile!!!!
 Jonathan says- hey your legs are too long :) he he he......
 So for those moms who wonder what do we do with the hair that always comes out of the pony tail or bun?  Why not do a simple twist down the side and tuck it in the bun or pony tail as a twist.  It works really well!!!
Awwww.......Daddy and his oldest daughter who had him wrapped around his finger in seconds (if that long).  Our beautiful daughter is growing up sooo fast.  So thankful for the gift God gave us in her!  LOVE this picture!!!!!

So our pastor preached on community this past Sunday.  Now I never really thought about community a lot.  I mean as a Camp Director we talked about community with the staff.  The Body of Christ and how we should work together.  How the first Christians shared EVERYTHING!  How in a Utopian society one where everyone worked, and did their part, and life is perfect is how it should be ALL the time.

The thing that really hit me is how he said the first time God said it was not good was when God looked around and saw there was no mate for Adam.  What this implies is that although Adam shared what we consider the closest intimacy with God Himself......Adam still NEEDED a mate.  Someone like him.

I never saw this as a NEED before.  But there it is.....a NEED for Adam to have someone to share life with.  We ALL NEED SOME ONE ELSE!  We NEED community.  So who are you in community with?  When we were at the camp......we were mostly in community with - our summer staff.  I mean we had a church, but the distance and the lack of being able to get involved due to our work made it really hard.

Since moving- we have dove into community!!!  We are a part of our church, a small group, Jason goes to a men's group, I go to an foster/adoptive mommas group.  We live near some of our family now and are able to have community with them.  PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!  It was sooo needed.

Of course there has been the blogging/facebook community too.  Which I know a lot of people criticize, but there has been sooo much support there too!  And that has been so wonderful to have :)  Thank You ALL for being a part of our community too!

****I am soo excited to say that I have a praise report!  My cousin and best friend besides my hubby- went to a doctor today for testing to see if she is have heart problems.  Although she does have high blood pressure and she has had diabetes for a while that the medicine was changed for.....she has been cleared of having a heart attack which is AMAZING NEWS!!!!!  After losing her dad (my uncle), and her sister to heart disease this was a wake up call for all of us.  I am sooo HAPPY she is taking steps now to get things looked after and making sure that we get to still have her in our lives!  Of course we are both more than happy to go to heaven, but know that our families need us here for now.  :)

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