Monday, September 12, 2011

Parenting- some books, tips, and tidbits

 OK this has been a long time see I ordered these shirts over month ago......and when they came- YOU BET I WAS EXCITED!!!  So this bloggy friend Kelly has been working on adoption fundraising.  And a while back sent me a vehicle sticker that has the Got Love? Adopt on it- which is of course on our 15 passenger van.  Then she sent me a t-shirt and one for my hubby in the black which we wear all the time. 

 BUT when the color shirts and the tye dye shirts came out...and there were children sizes.....I had this crazy idea.  I know hard to believe right?  he he he.....and if you have been around this blog long enough you will know that I LOVE putting our family in matching shirts!  And my kids put up with my torture LOVE putting on the matching shirts I buy :)

Want one?  Well let me tell you there is way more than just these shirts!  There are many products and ALL of them are sooooo GREAT!!!  So GO HERE NOW AND SUPPORT THEM :)  Tell Kelly I  sent you ;)
This post has some crazy fun pictures of when we went to MOSI (to all the Tampa area peeps I know you know what that is, but to all those who don't it is a GREAT place to learn through having sooo much fun!!!  It is a museum of science and industry).  This particular bit of cuteness- oh yeah, is something EVERYONE WHO DRIVES should have to do!!!!  You put on these really cute goggles that are the size of .....well they are just HUGE as you can see.  The goggles imitate someone who has had too much to drink.  Wow, they throw off your vision and perception.  You are to walk to the car on the yellow line- they have bumper pad along the short wall as you walk which tell you something...put the keys in the ignition, and read the time, or the miles per hour, etc.  OYE!  Then walk back. 
 What a valuable lesson to all those who think that they can handle drinking and driving....PLEASE NEVER LET A FRIEND DRINK AND DRIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Because I can assure you it is not as cute as the picture above. 
 The kids doing a "show" answering questions about the body. 
 Joshua giving the goggles a go....he he he
 And I think Matthew looks like a big bug of sorts :)  he he he he A very very cute bug!!!
 Andrew reading away!
 Elizabeth trying to figure out the display.....
 Creative fun!
 More creative fun!
 Mommy explained what the idea was......and Abigail is determined to figure it out!
That's my girl!!!  Way to go Baby Girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  (I totally explain that she will ALWAYS be my baby girl!)

So here are some GREAT COMMENTS!!!!  Totally am writing these down!!  Praying this helps someone out tonight and encourages you all!!!!

Karensaid... I read lots and lots of books! Some of my favorites: Boundaries with Kids, The Connected Child, Loving Our Kids on Purpose, Parenting Sons and Loving It, The Five Love Languages for Kids. I also enjoy books about organizing life, because if I'm more organized, particularly with my time, then I can be more intentional about training my kids. I particularly enjoy the books by Emilie Barnes (although she is ultra organized and my brain just doesn't work that way...not for long anyway). And when I read any and all books...I pull what I think would possibly work for OUR family, not try to implement everything in the book! Every family is different...and yet we deal with the same things. Oh yes, and for moms, I recommend "The Mom You're Meant To Be." It's wonderfully reassuring and encouraging.
Kelli said...
Dive into HIS word.... fill yourself up first. Find a good, good friend. Another mom that will tell you the truth, not just what you want to hear.
Dr. D @ Curls and Twirls said... Wild Things: The Art of Nurturing Boys by Stephen James and David Thomas. Great book for every stage of a boys' life right through to adulthood.
Rebekah said...
Two great books: "Shepherding a Child's Heart" (Ted Tripp); "Family Driven Faith" (Voddie Baucham).
Kristin said...
I only set rules I am willing to enforce EVERY time. Whether we are in public, at a friends house, at home or at church. As a parent, I need to be consistent so my 5 kids know what to expect. This also limits needless restrictions, allowing us to focus on the important parts. I also save "No" for when I REALLY mean it. Once I do say it, that is the end of discussion. Many times when kids ask me something, my first instinct is to say "no" out of my own exhaustion or frustration. I have found that saying, "I'll think about it." buys me some time and I can think through the request. Sometimes the answer does turn out to be yes. Sometimes no. But at least I have thought it through and given it a fair consideration.
His Hands His Feet Today said...
Loving Your Kids On Purpose by Danny Silk... For SURE!  
CherylR said...
Also a big fan of Loving Your Kids on Purpose--and there is a DVD series by Danny Silk also which is fabulous.
Tara said...
I was such a perfect parent before I had kids. Like you, I have so much more grace and compassion for other parents now that I have my 7. I appreciate this series you are doing. My biggest piece of advice for younger parents would be to think long term...about everything. It really won't matter 5 years down the road if he uses a pacifier or not or sleeps in a crib or the family bed, but it will matter if you give in when he whines. It will matter if no actually means "maybe". It will matter if he's disciplined for something this time, but not the next three times. I have a teenager and an infant. You can bet there are things I will do differently with that infant because of the behavior of the teen. (And some things I hope to do exactly the same because she's a pretty great teen...but she is definitely a teen. :)
I LOVE ALL OF YOUR INPUT!!!!!  What great thoughts!!!!  Off to put something together and watch the hubby paint.....


    i'm gonna see if i can get me one right now!!

  2. i just ordered the long sleeve shirt! i'm gonna buy the tumblers as christmas gifts for a few mamas! thanks for sharing the link!