Sunday, September 25, 2011

Friends are a Gift from God!!

 So this past Friday we went to the zoo with our friends the Dupuis family!  It was great! 
 Melissa the mommy of the crew (not pictured until later) was someone God placed in our family to let me know it would be ok.  For real!  One thing we really really wanted when we moved were friends.  Friends that loved the Lord. 
 Well, when it was time to move a blogger friend told me her sister lived in Florida- Tampa area.  Well.....Tampa is a pretty big area.  But, hoping and praying I said where specifically does she live?
 Wouldn't you know- God gave us a great gift!  Her sister lived in the same area we were moving to!  AND when we asked her what church they attended- well.....that is how we got led to our church! 
 AND she happens to go to the awesome foster/adoptive group here AND she homeschools.....
 AND they have adopted internationally, domestically, AND are doing foster care too! (which is why you can't see some of the cute pics I took, and sometimes the cute little boys faces aren't looking at the camera- but take my word for it - THEY ARE CUTE!)
 AND when we bought our home......they "happen" to live seriously in the same area!  
 AND now we go to the same life group!!!!
 AND- can you tell this is totally a GOD THING?  Because when it all seems like coincidence- it is really a GOD INCIDENCE!!!!!!!!  God knew that when we moved here- we would have our family, but we also wanted others too that would surround us in Christian love.
 Hey, if you are going to move across the country, change your whole work routine, your whole life, and take a chance this big- ASK GOD TO PROVIDE ALL YOUR NEEDS!!!
 WOW!!!!!  Are we blown away!!! 
 Does it mean that the transition has been easy? He he he- just go back in my blog a few months or so to see that is sooo not the case.  Does it mean that the work situation although totally a GOD thing has been an easy transition- NO!  It is hard work changing your families routine. 
 BUT GOD!  GOD has provided in ways that are soo AMAZING!!!!
 AND I am thankful for Christian friends/family that can lift you up and you lift them up too! 
 SO Thankful for the Dupuis family for allowing us to be a part of their life and to share in the crazy adventures that life hands us. 
We had SOO MANY friend BLESSINGS this week!!!  Because Wednesday we had Beth Peifer and her crew over to play, eat, and swim!!!!  Beth is someone I met through the foster/adoptive group and they also homeschool, have adopted from Haiti, and well let's just say we have similar experiences with some kiddos we have ;).   What a BLESSING to talk to someone about your specific experiences with a child and feel like someone out there gets it!

How did I not get any pictures???  WOW- serious brain lapse......well that and the fact that Beth and I were talking a lot :)  You know that is how it goes.  Just how God made ladies right?  :)

It is sooo awesome to have theses families in our lives, and yet yesterday there were more BLESSINGS!  Seriously amazing.....stay tuned to find out........PRAISING GOD for HIS ABUNDANT gifts of friends!!!!!


  1. So glad that God continues to live outside the box we try to put him in! Friends are good to have dear one..... glad he is providing. Next time we are in Tampa we ARE hooking-up!!!! Hugs.

  2. Friends who've experienced our experiences are indeed a gift from God!

  3. As someone who lives close to lots of friends and family, I am so excited for the blessings that God has given you in this move! It must feel so wonderful!

  4. I followed Beth's adoption on her blog until her little boy got home from Haiti.