Saturday, September 10, 2011


 Here is my hubby working on painting our living room.....he said to me as I was taking the picture "Is this going on the blog?  I said OF COURSE IT IS!"  Hello....silly question!
 2 wall are going to be brown and 2 will be green.....will have to show you more when he is closer to done :)  But he has been working all day, coming home, having dinner, putting the kids down, and then painting most of the night.  He has done the ceiling already, but that is just boring white :)
 So this is something we have taught all our kiddos....and I realized as I posted it on facebook that it may sound twisted.  But then was relieved when someone else said they did the same thing!  Whew!!!  We taught Joanna to take her wrapped up diaper and put it in the trash!
 Looking at me for that approval....
 And in it goes!
 Yeah!!!  Great Job Joanna- she is clapping :)  he he he
 What we do on a Saturday morning..... 
 Jonathan and Sarah are the customers at a restaurant...and Elizabeth is taking their orders....the funny part she is saying here is your order and it is our Leap Frog magnets with the animals.....he he have some cow, and pig, and duck too!!  Totally cracked me up!
 Reading (LOVE that my kids love to read!)
 Yep, reading here too....
 And what is this mischief maker doing?  Helping daddy with the waffles!  Our kiddos LOVE to help in the kitchen whenever they get a chance!
 What is Joanna up to???  Hmmm.......I really have no clue...
But she is always CUTE whatever she does!!!!

So far today I got a toilet roll holder put up, 2 hand towel rings put up, and a few things put in their spots....Jason has completed the second coat of brown, and done all the cutting in with the green paint, as well as he started doing some trim painting too (which is almond color).  :)  We also opened up a bank act here finally!!!!  Now to get everything switched over all those automatic withdraws and the deposits too!'s on my list!

You've never heard of my list? assured I have ONE!  It is usually LLOOOOONNNNNGGGG.....and there are usually boxes and stars!  It is hand written and sits on my computer desk.  Told you I am a duck in a row kind of person!  And yes, I cross things off as I go!  :)  So fess up who else is a list maker, duck in a row kind of person?????

Oh yeah, and I wanted to share a victory with you......I read a blog (my mind is soo fuzzy can't remember which one) and it talked about making the choice to teach and not react to your kids.  Now I am not saying I get angry all the time or anything.  In fact over the years....and as we have added to the number of kids....and we have dealt with sooo many array of behaviors ;) .....I feel I have gotten way better at keeping my cool.  But sometimes you just feel sooo defeated.  Well, I was excited today to make a teaching moment instead of a mommy explode moment!  YEAH!!!!!!!  It seriously is so much less stress, but sometimes I just don't take that road, and then I have to ask for forgiveness later.

So here's to victory today!  Pray you have felt that kind of moment today...if not- EVERY DAY IS A NEW BEGINNING!!!  Sometimes in my case every minute!!!  ;)


  1. sweet post. So glad you are getting things checked off your list!

  2. Just so you know you are not the only one to teach their kids to take their own diapers to the trash. I did this with all 4 of mine. :-) I also make list but I have the habit of not doing the things on the list. Thanks for letting us see into your lives. I love seeing what your family is up to. Maybe one day we will get to meet. Love the new house.