Thursday, September 15, 2011

Easing In

 So I told you we went to the MOSI (museum of Science and Industry).  We watched a movie on the IMAX theater- WOW!!!  So glad I spent a bit extra and got that included on our tickets.  We got the year tickets through True Couponing and we paid about what is normally costs 3 people for a year ticket, but the basic ticket (we got the premium tickets)!!!  WAHOOO for savings :). 

I am also getting back to doing more couponing!!!  Today I spent $156 and saved $212!!!!  WAHOOOO!!!  That is wonderful savings :)

So the above picture is in the Disasterville area of the museum.  They have all these exhibits, information, and interesting things to do with natural disasters.  We are in the basement (which NO ONE in Florida has anyway......) for a tornado. 

 Guess which room Abigail is in??  She looks waaayyyyy too happy to be in the middle of a hurricane!!
 Above is wildfire......all of these bring back my own memories, and ones of those many many that have been through these events recently.  The good part is though that they bring up great conversations on how we can help and have compassion for those who are going through this now, or in the future.  Compassion is our Biblical Characteristic this week that we are studying. 
 Love my baby's smile!!!
 Abigail looking at the huge tornado of water. 
 Huge screens of different areas of the world and the weather happening there. 
 Abigail checking out a replica of the largest piece of hail.
 Jonathan and Joanna....both a bit on the grumpy side.....but still VERY CUTE!!!
Earthquake- how to build a stronger structure.  When you were done this suspended table starts shaking.....and steadily you crank it up until these structures are bouncing all over the place!  Will they hold up??  Ours did!

We had a great family day out!

So our easing in process is still happening.  My hubby is frustrated because it has taken him almost 2 weeks to put together the living room including:  patching, painting (2 coats), putting up curtains, putting together our tv unit, and all the other bits that go with it.  On top of working, spending some time with the kids, mowing the yard, trimming the yard plants, pulling and spraying for weeds, and some other needed projects too!  Whew!!!  It's a lot and we could let ourselves be swallowed by it, but instead I turn to him and say- Honey, I think you are doing great!  Remember there is NO living room, unless we are actually living - which means you need time with family too...not just doing projects!  He knows this, but simply wants it to be done quicker :)

We are in our second week of school and things are going pretty well.  I was a bit nervous with Elizabeth starting this year.  If you knew her - we call her crazy nut- should give you a hint.  She is all on all the time!  She wears me out just watching her :)  he he he.  But, praise God she has done pretty well!!!  She is one smart cookie!!!!!

We do group teaching a lot which spans things from K-6th grade concepts!  Sounds nuts right?  It isn't that bad.  But when we do group teaching....we move through different subjects in a rotating basis covering/reviewing things from all those grades.  Not all the kiddos get all the harder concepts, but you would be surprised what they pick up on.

Don't worry, we do lots of individual time, as well as lots of hands on group things too- which is soo fun!  My philosophy is that even if they don't learn it at that moment (because it is over their heads) it still introduces them to concepts that they will eventually learn.

Oh and we do a lot of pair offs- where they will pair off  with one older child and one younger child.  The older teaches the younger.  NO I am NEVER giving up my role as teacher...instead I am helping solidify what the older child has learned.  Don't think it is true?  Become a teacher.  Nothing makes you learn a subject more than teaching it yourself!!!

Other things are coming slowly and surely too.  Getting to point B from point A (it helps we aren't too far from our rental home so it is close to the same).  I now remember the turn for our home easily.  It feels familiar driving into our driveway.  And that feels sooo great!  Waking up in our room, finding your way around the home in the dark, knowing  where the electrical outlets are, where the light switches for all the lights are, how to take care of our pool and yard.....all these things are starting to fall into place.

However, if you want to join us in the fun of the 100+ little projects that are yet to be done....feel free to come over anytime :)  Oh, and be warned that if you come to our home......there are still boxes around, our garage still has things in it, and there are still tools around, and things definitely not in their "place".  :)  But it will get there....eventually!

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