Monday, September 19, 2011

One Month.......

 Today one month ago- we were signing loan papers, and moving in boxes!!!!  Can you believe it has been a month?  So today I thought I would show you pics of us in our pool :)
 Did I mention it is nice that our pool has room for all of us?  IT IS!  And there is room to spare for visitors :) which we love having.....hint, hint, hint, hint!!!!!
 So this is Joanna aka little fish!  Here she is pretending to not even notice daddy, but soon....
 plop she comes in the water......
 comes the surface......takes a breath......
 and swims..............  :)
 Notice how she is "pushing" at Jason.  That is because she wants to "get away" and swim!  It blows me away.  She can seriously swim- obviously not like the other kids yet, but yes she loves the water and can turn herself around in the water, come to the surface, and she moves to the side.  :)  Go Joanna!
The kids LOVE swimming!!  It is such a BLESSING to get to have a pool.  And a Blessing for Mommy that it is an easy to care for salt water pool that has solar heating!

One month ago today our garage was full, we we just wanting to get our bed put together, and there were boxes surrounding us.  I was sooo overwhelmed!  I have promised myself never again!!!  But, as I count the many Blessings we have experienced- swim times all but daily, new friends coming to visit (more coming this  week), being able to go see GG and Aunt Jane, the cousins, space to play in the yard, having space in the house, getting to do school now over 2 weeks, going to MOSI, the Aquarium, and walks.  Sooo wonderful to know we are HOME.  Oh, and yesterday I brought back our outdoor dog that my cousin Heidi was keeping for us.  Since before this we didn't have a yard, and we hadn't gotten his area set up including a Sampson is home.  :)  The kids were sooo excited!  Me too.

When you walk in the door what is your favorite part of "coming home"?


  1. The pool looks like a lot of fun. SO happy for your family.

    We just returned from a trip. My favorite thing about "coming home" is sleeping in my own bed at is so much better to relax at home.

  2. Love the pics! So glad you are HOME, what a blessing for sure!
    My favorite part of "coming home" is when there are little treasures smiling and calling my name and all clamoring for me to love on them. :)
    Nothing better....well, except for my wonderful man smiling at me and waiting for his turn for me to love on him. :)