Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Picture overload :)

 Hello, yes I am adorable :)
 Hey you- mommy's friend.....I see you.  This is Melissa Lazzara and their little boy on the slide Santana.  We belong to a local group of mommies that have, will be, or are fostering/adopting :)
 Abigail lovin'.....
 What a hoot- my kids were helping her dress up....
 Decided to take turns........
 Matthew drawing his Spiderman posters.
 Unpacked the keyboard - Joanna likes it!!!
 Jonathan.....you are just soo  squeezable!!!!
 Oh my goodness....mom are you serious?  What are you doing dumping all these clothes out???
 Yep, look at all the boxes......I emptied and threw down the stairs.
Elizabeth was smiling about it......
 Want a close up???
 Yeah, it's that bad........
 Hmmm.....this is a pillow case mom.....
 Andrew....put that camera down......oh well. 
 This is how I found Joanna when I went to get her from nap time this morning.  She just ripped off her diaper (she didn't have her pj pants on)....and well the moon came inside!
 Getting somewhere.........this is the girls clothes......
 This is the boys'..............................
 This was us all celebrating that we are done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And yes, we found all the hats, gloves, etc. from the piles of clothes that we used to pack all of our stuff!  By the way packing all our stuff in clothes worked really, really, really well!!!  Only two broken items :)  WAHOOOO!!!
 All the packed boxes in our closet.  Yep, we recycle clothes as much as possible.  You bet I keep jeans with holes in it- for PLAY TIME!!!  If you have boys you totally get it!!!!!
 And we made a change already to our homeschool room.  We had gotten shelves at IKEA for our books that weren't put up yet so all the kids' books and our books have been in boxes this whole time.....so we moved the couch over here.....
Moved our cubby over here, and put up our shelves over there.......  TADA!!!!!  Joanna wanted to sneak in the picture too :)  Just to add some cuteness to it!

Whew......well I am seriously tired after today's projects!  Tomorrow we get to have friends over after we do some school work that is...  YEAH!!!!  Can't wait!


  1. Hey! YEAH! I get to see those faces and comment!

  2. Yeah thanks to a friend I think I fixed the comment thing- Hopefully you can all start commenting again!!!! :)

  3. Oh my gosh. The booty pic of Joanna cracked me up! Love all the updates!

  4. Oh your kids are seriously adorable!