Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Miracle, Throwing a Fit, and Joanna update

You can skip my fit throwing and go to the bottom of the blog to see what Joanna is up to....BECAUSE WE GOT A MIRACLE AND CAN MOVE AS PLANNED FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)  PRAISE GOD!!

So last night I started THROWING A FIT!!!!  Why you ask.......because we were told that we may not be able to move into our new home until Friday......NIGHT which really means Saturday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now I realize that is only 1 day!  So don't go saying that to me, because right now I am still throwing a fit!!!  I have arranged things for this day- Jason has a day off, moving truck is ready, people to watch the kids, people to help, utilities called....etc.  NOW I get to "for fun" change everything......because I have nothing better to do with my time.  

Also keep in mind we were told this - last night after 7pm!!!!!  Literally a few days before the MOVE!  And we have been anticipating this move for over 40 days already and that is when they accepted the contract.  And I just feel my strength draining......after all the moves, the many thousands lost on this move- see past posts about having to move out of rentals for safety reasons and then to be closer to Jason's work, being cooped up in this 1,100 square foot house for now 4 months with NO YARD, and feeling like this place must have shrunk or I am just losing my mind!  Losing my mind is totally possible!!!!  

Really - I am whining because I feel like we have WAITED SOO LOOONNNGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!  Seriously feels like more than I can take!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  So I am trying to pull up my big girl pants and get over it, but .....that is never as easy as it seems..........
So instead I will try to focus on My baby girl Joanna......in the first picture you will see the sheer joy on Joanna and Elizabeth's face......then notice the pic just above this- Look at Joshua's face :)  LOVE THIS!!!!  He is thrilled to be pulling them around.  Kept stopping and saying everyone needs to exit to the right please.  And please buckle your safety belt- Thank You.  TOO CUTE!!!  Then there is Andrew reading!!  I LOVE THAT MY KIDS LOVE READING :)

And Joanna has some new skills:  
1) She can now climb chairs and sofas....and then proceed to stand on them scaring me to death every time.   
2)  She now has this wonderful death defying squeal......that pierces everything....including my sanity- and I only have very little left......  :)
3)  She plays this cute "blinking game" where she looks at me and blinks a few times to see if I will blink back- very adorable!!!!!!!
4)  She loves to pull down her diaper so we see her little bum crack....oh dear???
5)  She loves certain items that she shouldn't have, but takes anyway- like the cell phones of course, my alarm clock (she already broke one), daddy's electric shaver- she likes to pretend she is shaving, things from the trash of course, and pretty much anything her hand can reach.  This has expanded and anything on the countertops within 4-6 inches from the edge is NOT SAFE!  In fact she recently took a pack of sour patch kids, opened the bag, ate some, and had a very mischievous smile as she walked out in the living room with the bag. 
6)  She loves to flush the toilet!!!  
7)  She loves to play - splash fun time in the toilet :(
8)  She loves to give you zurberts!  She will seriously lift your shirt and give you a zurbert...awww....
9)  She loves to play with the computer mouse- and keyboard!!!!!!!!!!!  Sometimes shutting things down or opening things I have never seen before......OYE!!!  
10)  She now says words like mama, dadda, kitty, meow, woof woof, doggy, her siblings names,  these are my favorites....the others are more mimicking what you just said, but equally cute!
11)  She sings....as in humming and saying her baby words....soo cute!!!
12)  If you are blessed enough to able to get her to go to you - she gives the BEST HUGS and CUDDLES EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Snuggles right into you, puts her arms around you, and taps you on the back with her cute hands.......MELTS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DON'T FORGET TO LEAVE ME YOUR BEST PARENTING TIPS!!!!  Books, dvd series, general ideas, anything you want!!!!  I will be combining them together next week and doing a post- have gotten some great tips already!!  Remember......this is to help others with something....it can be potty training, how to help them not throw fits in public, teaching them skills, not going insane, ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!  So put your thinking caps on and give me a shout out!!  :)  THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. SO GLAD that you get to move on Friday as planned! Yay! Happy moving!! :)