Saturday, August 27, 2011

Our official first week in our HOME!

Here is what has happened this week at the Wright home- as well as 4 dentist appointments, Abigail's follow up apt, and the pool people coming to help me learn about our pool.  As you notice you can actually see our countertops!!!  YEAH!!!  And Tuesday we get our new oven :)  Pics when it gets here...
 And see I didn't just shove stuff from the other side either....of course notice my cleaners all lining the window ledge.  They haven't found a home yet, but they will soon in the garage. 
 This is my grocery pantry.  Yep!  Hey, we go through a lot!!!
 Look at our dining table (yes that is the changing pad on our table sorry if this grosses you out- but it is my life.  Now that my changing table busted.......ooppss).  But more importantly look at our huge dining area which was a huge bonus of this home!  WAHOOOO!!!!! 
 The white cabinet is permanent.  It used to hold our tv, but not since the tv was broken (don't worry we got another one).  Now we have all our bowls etc. here instead as well as table clothes, cooking books, etc.  (the brown shelf thing is not needs to go to the toy room....which is a disaster area- one of this upcoming week's projects). 
 Make way for the huge IKEA bookshelf for homeschool stuff! 
 Tada!!!  NO it is NOT organized yet, but it is up, and holding our books!  That is all I can manage for now :)
 These are the kids reading books and will eventually be in more shelving that hasn't been bought yet.....   :)
 Hey, and our downstairs closet.  Not too bad huh?  I have stored our pictures and picture books in this closet.  And a random bed topper we use for our fold out bed.  For those who are crazy enough to come visit that is!  :)
 The boys bedroom.....but as of today- They all have bunk beds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The girls too!!!!  That is 4 bunk beds put together in one day folks!!!!  Whew, and we went to church too!!!  :)  By the way church is AMAZING!!!!  Want to be inspired - GO HERE and listen :)
 My children have been playing outside, swimming, and doing lego therapy while I have been sooo busy...and of course daddy too when he gets home in the evenings!  This is Andrew's creation look they are saving someone from the water...
 Oh, and that thing to the left that is supposed to be a shark.  I think they are catching it? 
 Here is Abigail's creation.  The knight is obviously guarding, the king and his servant,
and the guys off to the right- they are playing checkers.....yeah :)  he he he he

So have to share my daughter's quote with you because it totally made me tear up!!!  
Sarah says "thank you for giving me grace....I know I don't deserve it." I said "none of us deserve it sweetie, but God gives it to us anyway."


  1. WOW! You are amazing. So excited for your family.

  2. Fabulous! So happy for your family. I am sure it feels so good.


  3. Congrats! LOVE those kitchen cabinets!!

  4. So glad for you!!! worth the wait and the issues. Now its YOUR home sweet home and you can relax. Just in time to start school...

  5. So can't wait to come visit.

    But ... we won't be taking a road trip this month. So sad.

    Hopefully later in the fall/winter.

    :( :( :(