Tuesday, August 2, 2011


 Title has nothing to do with the pictures well except our Joanna may be a tad spoiled???  But she is definitely getting into everything!  Poor Teddy- don't worry I didn't let her hurt him :)
 Getting in the closet - into all of our things.....look at that face!
 Yep, even getting into the trash......she is a tike!  :)  Can't get enough of that baby chub!!!!  Even if she did keep me awake from 11pm-2am last night :(  She wasn't in pain, no fever, no fussing- except when I tried to leave the room, no snottyness, she just was playing in her pack n play the whole time.  OYE!
This is very late, but this was my Anniversary gifts :)  Thanks HONEY!!!

I would show you some of my birthday presents, but most are coming in the mail....soon.....so I'll have to wait for them.

On my birthday as I reposted the last post about my MIRACLE!!!!!  I started thinking how blessed I am.
*We have a wonderful church!
*We live near great family!
*We have awesome new friends here who understand us!
*We get to homeschool!
*We get to move into our new home- in JUST 17 DAYS!
*I am cancer free!
*Jason has a great job that he loves!
*Our family has our health!
*In love with my Savior who died on the cross for me!
*We have our family- miracle after miracle after miracle!!!
WE ARE BLESSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh and just to give you a hint of some great deals on couponing......  Free- contact lens solution, Free toothbrushes, Free scissors, Free pens, Free markers, $.04/1b box of pasta!, $.50-$1/shampoo or conditioner, $.25-$.50 toothpaste, pop tarts $.40/box, twizzlers $.50/bag, Mt Dew- $.80/2 liter and $5/24pack, cereal $1-1.50/box, brownie mix $.40/box, and ohhh sooo much more!!  I am soo spoiled now I refuse to pay full price for pretty much most things.  I LOVE finding great deals!  I love being able to buy things for a lot cheaper- with literally only 2-4hr time commitment per week!  LOVE IT!!!  :)

Have Blessings to share?


  1. You are so blessed! Can't wait for you to move into your home! Yay God!!

    And spoiled... ahhh mayb e just a titch! We have a couple of those, too!!

    Sometimes we just need to soil them!! They deserve it!!

  2. Are there Staples stores in FL? They have great deals for teachers and Homeschool parents count. In the summer every few weeks they have penny deals. Usual limit is 2, but for teachers it's 25 when you spend $5. I felt like I robbed the store when I walked out with 2 bottles of hand sanitizer, 2 dbl side dry erase boards w/ markers, 25 packs of index cards, 25 8-pks of pencils, and 25 2-pks of Sharpie Highlighters for $6.10! But it's going to a good cause- my inner city classroom! Love hearing about your deals- keep it up!

  3. I will totally be checking out Staples- I think they have them here? I would love to stock up for us, and help fill some needy back packs too for others :)

  4. I just LOVE your blog... thanks for sharing!!!!

    Do you have a little write up somewhere on how to get started couponing and what has worked best for you? I'm trying to start, but can't seem to find the really good deals. Hmmm. We're adopting our 3rd and need to save some $$$. Blessings, Denise