Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Surviving a Move......

OK so day 4 of moving......
 So how was the closing day...and first day of moving you ask?  Closing was smooth as silk!  Seriously :)  Of course we had loaded everything up THANKS TO HEIDI & MARK DIXSON, RYAN GEER for helping us move.  AND TO MY AMAZING AUNT JANE who watched our littles & Abigail (who helped).

Of course as we came home we saw huge nasty looking clouds!!!  And one of the trucks Mark drove over to help us move was a huge open flatbed type truck :) YIKES!!!  Thank the Lord we got the stuff off the truck just as it started POURING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Then we had to unload everything else in the down pour, but we backed up to the garage and that was helpful.  Never had a garage before- so that is pretty cool!
 Joanna has mastered the stairs.....little squirt!
 Don't know why she is serious in this picture??? 
 So this is the mess......BEING REAL HERE!!  ;)
 Oh yeah....our reality.....
 It's great!
 Our garage that we can't use.....yet......not even sure our 15 passenger can even fit in it?  Built in 1972?  So we will see....
Hey, at least our kids have played in the pool & Jason....I was madly determined to get the kitchen UNPACKED!

So day one- just got the stuff from storage in the house......
Day 2- CLEANED all bathrooms top to bottom- all 3 of them, and the kitchen :)  Unpacked a little...
Day 3- Unpacked huge amount of boxes.....all on my own now Jason's back to work....
Day 4- Had dentists appointments for 2 of the kids- TOOK 3 HOURS!!!  UGH!!!!!!
Then came home and unpacked after a NAP!  Got a lot done!!  As I type this Jason and Mark (came back) to move the other couches.

Stats so far.......
Broken items- 1 Glass, and one plastic Busch Gardens cup.  That is AMAZING!!!  We do have some dressers that will need some putting back together a bit.  But I think that will be a fun challenge....for LATER!  We packed all our stuff mostly with clothing from the kids that we aren't using presently.  So that was cheap!!!  We did use some other things like some paper towels, plastic bags, blankets we have, etc.  But  mostly clothes- great recycling!!!

Injuries- aside from the obvious- pains in places you didn't remember having.....Jason got stabbed in the thumb- left a blood blister.  I on the other hand sliced my pinky fingers on the knuckle while carrying a box that had wood shelving pieces in it.  YIKES- Yes it hurt....and still does.

First things set up- Our bed (thanks Jason), and our dining room table!!!  The most important things right?   :)

Other randomness.....tonight as I opened our storage closet in the lower level....I saw what looked like thick string in the corner.  Yeah....except it moved!  Ity bitty snake was there and Jason killed it.  Now for all who know our family- usually I am the Queen of snake killing.  We had water moccasins at the camp and unless our summer staff was there- it was one of my duties.  YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!! 

Oh yeah, and this morning getting ready for an appointments when we don't even know where most of our clothes are, had to do all the girls hair, couldn't find my keys or my wallet- CRAZY STUFF!!!  Of course making me stress out big time....remember duck in row person here!

Will be glad when we feel a little more settled, a little more unpacked!  Although I have to say it is feeling more and more like home!  So there are my updates....whew......only 3 more appointments this week to go and putting together bunks, cleaning out our rental- still have a few bits left there, set up shelving, actually finding most of my clothes :).  Other than that kicking back and resting- ;) right?


  1. I love the feeling of moving! Its like a fresh start on life :) Its been fun following your journey! Glad your getting settled! Love in Jesus~

  2. yay!!! Totally excited here for you...the place looks great (yeah even though its a mess!)


  3. Wow! Hope you get settled soon. Joanna is so adorable! :-)