Thursday, August 4, 2011

Hating Children!

 NOW THAT I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION:  I want to discuss something that I consider SERIOUS PROBLEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It has been around for a while now, but it is getting out of control!  

***By the way doesn't my daughter above look beautiful - she is modeling my looonnnnggg Publix receipt, that stretches from the top of the fridge to the bottom, from this morning.  The clerk said it was the longest she has seen in a very long time.  Saved 65% though :)   WAHOOO!!! 
 OK back to my SHOCKING TITLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Why is it that our society is now HATING CHILDREN???  You may not agree.  Well, I encourage you to look at the latest that has plastered the news.  And I don't even watch the news, but I do see what others post on facebook, and read a few titles on yahoo mail.  IF that is all I see and I have seen too much then surely you have too!  

Restaurants banning children, grocery stores advertising "childless store hours", airplanes having child free areas of the plane?  I have to be really honest- IT MAKES ME SICK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

   Let us be very clear on this!  I am not SAYING everyone should have 8+ children.....although I LOVE IT.....I know it is not everyone's calling.  That is fine.  BUT A NEED TO GET RID OF CHILDREN tells me one thing.  Our society is becoming a sad place.  One that does not value what all children represent- innocence, energy, imagination, fun, playfulness, and oh soo much more!!!
I don't know about you, but I would never want to get rid of - THIS :)  I mean what kind of place would that be??  A place without silly sayings, without lots of questions all day long, a place of no made up words, a place that lacks creativity, a place void of the beautiful first steps, first smiles, first reading of a book, first time they do well on a paper, or win a game. 
 A place where your child doesn't fall asleep in your arms, or falls asleep in the car and they go limp in your arms as you carry them up to bed. 
 Soooo......I know oh so well that they are NOISY, SOMETIMES RUDE or OBNOXIOUS!!!!  And it can be very hard to handle.  It can pierce your ears to the point you wonder how the glass isn't breaking (must be shatter proof right.?).  I know there are parents who don't know how to parent, become too tired to parent, sometimes have to parent on their own all the time, or have children that have some  deep hurts and it is sooo hard.  I used to point and say- well, I am better than that.  

NOW- that I am well, mostly grown up :) he he he.  I know a lot better!  I know that ALL PARENTS have hard days, months, and years.  I know that ANYONE of us parents can have a child that throws fits with the best of them.  I know that noise although it can still be really hard to listen too- it is sometimes the only thing the child can control at the moment.  And that for them is the way they have to let you know how they are feeling.  
I know that GOD DID NOT INTEND for children to be silent, controlled to the point of breaking the child's spirit that was set in them by the CREATOR, or for them to not run and PLAY like their bodies were created for and they need to do.  

I pray that all of us- whether we have 14 children, 1 child, or no children will seriously look at what scriptures say about the PRIVILEGE of raising children.  AND APPLY that to our society.  To stand up for children to be included.  Why would we want to live in a society that bans children from places......reminds me of a time in our history where we discriminated against people with certain skin colors and now we are replacing that with age?  It breaks my heart.  

Join with me in praying for our society.  PRAYING for revival in the importance of children!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  And.....there will be more posts to follow on this with some more thoughts and scriptures......  :) 


  1. This is very true but Luke 23:29 and Luke 23:34 are verses of prophecy from Jesus that are interesting considering. From a mom to 5 with one on the way.

  2. Tell us how you really feel....seriously, I can understand what you are saying. Although, I haven't given it to much thought and does seem to me that our society is as self-centered as ever. It is hard to parent, train and love a child if your world revolves around you!

    Loved reading through your birthday post--awesome story of God's purpose and plan for your life!!

  3. I am with you!!! I work for a fortune 500 company and I see the people walk around here with no kids and even not married well into their 30's. They look at me like a freak because I have 4 kids. People need to stop being so selfish and get with the program. Kids are great, without them we are missing a lot of joy in our lives.

  4. I know, there is something seriously wrong with our society! I read an article recently about how there is a steep rise in couples choosing not to have children so they can maintain their freedom and I think just how selfish we are becoming and how MUCH they are missing out on. Sure, parenthood is unbelievably difficult sometimes but these babies are so precious and have taught me so much and I wouldn't trade them for anything!

  5. Well said!
    As a mother of many we have gotten nasty looks, people step out of the way when they see us coming. I say, "They" are being obnoxious!

  6. first - i've missed reading your blog...hopefully i will get the hang of four kids soon...HOW DO YOU DO IT!?!?!
    totally agree with this post! there is a business that i liked on facebook and the owner (who has no kids) ALWAYS makes awful comments about kids being noisy, mean, uncontrollable...i finally had to send her my thoughts and de-friend her...
    keep speaking your mind!

  7. Sure they might be avoiding kids for the bad stuff...but to they have a clue that there's about a million and one wonderful things about them? The snobs are missing out - FOR SURE!

  8. I love your blog and I love children. I see where you are going with this post, but I disagree. I have 4 kids and when we went out to dinner they were quiet, etc.. or I wouldn't have taken them. I love my kids but it doesn't mean everyone does. If I get to go out on a date with my husband, I don't want to deal with children that are creating chaos and their parents are laughing at it or ignoring it. Yes, I do realize there are children with special needs, my oldest is on the autism spectrum. There is a difference between hating children and being frustrated because too many people don't want to tell their little darlings no.

  9. When I lived in Phoenix, there was a church up the road from ours that was an adult-only Christian church. REALLY?? I really wanted to show up with my kids just once - just to see what would happen. But then, my heart....

    So sad.

  10. EXACTLY!

    "But Jesus said, Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven."
    Matthew 19:14

  11. Is it a case of people hating kids, or is it a case that too many parents have become MIA when it comes to training kids to be courteous, polite, friendly, and well-mannered. I'm a mother of 4 and refuse to raise undisciplined, thoughtless rogues whom people hate to see coming. Yes, children will make mistakes and get things wrong. But there's so much they get right when the training, nurturing and discipline is consistent.

  12. Reminds me of a bumper sticker I saw today -
    "I'm not child-less, I'm child free."

    I hope she was "happy"!

  13. This is so sad ~ I think the only people missing out are the ones who are going to exclude the families.
    Great post
    Have a wonderful weekend

  14. Amen sister!!

    I am adopting #7 and people often look at me like I have 2 heads! My poor husband has it so much worse, his co- workers cannot understand why he would jeopardize his retirement and financial security...

    And yes, I will agree with a poster, I AM teaching my children to be polite and behave appropriately in public....personally, I think it is the families with only 1 or 2 that are so hyper focused on making sure that their child is feeling wonderful at every moment that give the rest of us a bad rep!

    Keep up the good work girl!


  15. Of course the world hates children. Of course they think children are a burden. They are the world! The world will always go against God's Word. Pray that Christians' eyes will be opened to the fact that they are thinking just like the world.

  16. Dawn, you've given me a lot to think about. I read through all four posts (links as well) and really appreciate you bringing this to light. I have four littles, and we are adopting from Ethiopia. At first I was thinking to myself that I wasn't overly concerned that some upscale restaurant might encourage adult only dining. I kind of understood their point, but it went without saying because I wouldn't bring my kids to a four star restaurant. They aren't ready for that kind of environment and I recognize it's not a family friendly place even without them mentioning it. That's just us being considerate, just like I woulnd't take them to an Italian opera right now because I think my 8 month old could rival the soloist with her pteradactyl squeals of delight.:) But that aside, I DO see what you mean about anti-child ATTITUDES. I also see how our world will start with small, seemingly insignificant changes in a certain direction (not that I'm comparing this to homosexual marriage exactly, but just in the same way we started slowly heading down that route via sitcoms like 15 years ago and now we have full-on serious shows about this on HBO as well as all the legal stuff trying to be passed in various states...) my point being not about that but rather things like this slip in under the radar. At first, no big deal. But you are right to examine the motive behind this. Why? Why ban children? I can completely see that some people probably have just a general desire to have peace on an airline flight or a quiet dinner. I'm not angry about that at all. But where do we draw the line? And what message are we sending? Good job girl. Way to be a watchman on the tower and give us all the heads up.

  17. Oh it breaks my heart. How it must break HIS heart.