Thursday, August 18, 2011


 So I guess I may be a big slow.....but I put my girls hair in twists, puffs, pony's, natural, etc.  But I have never thought of the fact that when the twists have come out a bit and it is time to do the hair again....leaving the twists. 
 What I mean is.....I had both Elizabeth and Abigail's hair in sectioned twists, and as I was lotioning up the hair it hit me.....why not leave the twists and pull them back in a bunch- or in Elizabeth's case a couple of bunches. 
 It looked really CUTE!!!  Of course I am a little biased, but look at the face below- I have reason :)

 Look at Joanna's face....she loves all her siblings....but Jonathan can make her laugh for seriously NO REASON.  It is soo cute!
 See here - Jonathan walked away for a minute and Joshua is giving her a snack.  Boring she says.....
 Then Jonathan comes running back up to her and instantly she starts laughing again.....
She seriously turns hysterical :)  Awwww......makes life worth EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!

OK so TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Tomorrow I love you tomorrow you're ONLY a DAY AWAY!!!!  That's right....our big move will be happening.  NOW, as most of you know from my previous admissions that I am a duck in a row kind of person......and let's say that I could have a melt down at any moment if something were to go sideways....PRAYING for no sideways MOTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :)

Our family is helping with the move :)  YEAH for the Dixson's and the Geer's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are AMAZING :)  The final walk through is in the morning, the signing and moving to follow!!!  And right now my heart is hoping no details were missed....because yeah duck in row......

The other things is my absence- I will be able to have facebook and limited message reading on emails, but that is it......YIKES WHATEVER SHALL I DO UNTIL MONDAY??????????????  Oh yeah, I guess I will spend all my time then moving, packing, unpacking, cleaning, unpacking, moving, giving my kids love, unpacking, cleaning, running to the store for something I am sure, hey may do some swimming or enjoy a little hot tub time- you can't work ALL the time!!!!!  So if you happen to think abut me....say a prayer for my sanity and with any luck you will hear from me on Monday....hopefully :)  when our internet gets hooked up!

UNTIL then- leave me more parenting tips- It can be about anything- lying, cheating, fighting, LOVING, hitting, biting (we need some help with that one right now....Joanna), ANYTHING :)  
 THANKS!!!!!!!!!  Oh yeah.....that will also explain why I can't reed your blogs until then too.....I will miss you all :)


  1. I recommend the DVD Series "Getting to the Heart of Parenting" by Paul David Tripp


    the book "Shepherding a Child's Heart" by Tedd Tripp

  2. Good luck with everything!

    I second Christie's recommendations! :)

  3. Just catching up on blogs. Love your new family photo in the banner! Awesome! Good luck with everything this weekend!

  4. I hope your move went well and y'all are getting settled!