Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My presents......

 This is from ABORT73.COM   the shirt says "Trees aren't the only things worth saving"
 This is another one from ABORT73.COM  I am usually NOT a pink kind of girl but I like the shirt and I didn't want it in black. 
 This one I ordered from 147MILLIONORPHANS.COM
 This is the back......
And when I ordered there was a deal that you could order this drink cup for $5 so- hey, why not.  I LOVE IT!!!!!  It keeps my drinks good and cold because it has the insulation and it is sturdy too!!! 

LOVE my birthday presents.....there is one more coming in the mail I will have to share with you later.  And some fun tshirts we ordered for our family....and will show those once all our models are in them at some point.  :)

Today my baby girl- who just happens to be 11 1/2 had a biopsy.  There was a growth on the inside of her bottom lip that was pretty painful.  It is now gone, but as you can imagine there was some pain involved.  She did sooo well and was sooo brave!!!  I am proud of her because it is not easy to stay still even when it hurts and she did amazing :)  She of course is sore, but doing pretty well.  The worst part she said is that she has to rinse with this stuff that smells NASTY!!  UGH - don't tell her but I would have thrown up trying to rinse with that stuff :(  And she still has to do that for the next few days.....

Jason is feeling much better today which is GREAT!!!  Being sick is NOT FUN!  So thankful he is doing better....

AND ONLY 10 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Praying that everything goes smoothly and since we still have some time here and there is cable- Duggar night for us :) BONUS!


  1. Lookin' good mama! You ROCK those shirts! Love 'em all! :)

  2. Love the shirts!! So sorry about the poor girly... That is awful! And Jason is better -- very good! CAn't wait to see the pics of you all moved in and settled!!

  3. Love them all!

    Hoping Abigail is feeling better this morning:)

    Our Caleb had a growth removed from his leg--crazy kid watched the whole thing:/ He has a big round scar because he pulled the stitches out by being too active. He likes to tease that it is from a bullet--he is from W. Africa. Boys!

    May your sweet daughter be a little calmer-LOL

  4. Happy birthday Dawn! The presents rock.... and so do you!

  5. Love you new tee's!!! Happy birthday to you! May you be blessed abundantly this next year!!

  6. Love the presents! Hope your sweet girl is feeling better soon.

  7. Love the presents! Happy Birthday!

    Biopsy on one of your babies! Must have been so hard on your momma's heart.