Monday, October 3, 2011

The Story of a Bow.......

 Remember this........from I don't even remember how many posts ago???  It was back when  I was writing out Jason and I's Love Story (named Our Love Story part 1, Our Love Story Part 2, Our Love Story Part 3Our Love Story Part 4, Our Love Story Part 5 The Wedding).  So I promised then to tell the story of this bow, although in the other picture the bow was on the stairs- yes I decided to take another picture rather than try to find that picture again :)

So if you read our love story you would know we had a cheap resourceful wedding!!!  Using all our resources we saved lots of money that we really didn't have, nor did we want to spend.  You see we only really cared about getting married and spending our time together and serving the Lord- NOT what others thought about the refreshments, or entertainment factor.

My Mother In Love made my dress!!!!  YES she is my mother in LOVE someone I consider to be my long lost second mother!!!!  She volunteered to sew my dress.  Of course at the time we thought she had her regular sewing machine....not knowing she had sold it and bought an old fashioned move with your hand sewing machine!  Nope, didn't know that, but yet she still said yes- my friends that is LOVE!

Well, soon after I landed in England (and we had 6 weeks until our wedding- YEP 6 weeks!!!) we went shopping for material and a pattern.  We looked and found a great material to use, and then found a pattern I liked, but there was something on the pattern I just didn't like- THE BOW! I guess I was thinking- do I really need anything to make that part of my backside stick out any further???  Now come on- seriously- NO!

So we agreed to do the rest of the dress and leave off the bow.  BUT every once in a while my mother in love would joke and threaten- well I may just put that BOW on your dress- YIKES!  That was a way to get my attention ;)

Well, the only thing that panicked me the whole day of my wedding was the fact that the car that would take me off to the wedding- a nice mini van- pulled up waaayyyy early!!!  My heart jumped through my throat thinking I had lost track of time.  Thank the Lord this wasn't true and I had plenty of time, but then stressed a bit getting ready.  Lo and behold as I got into the van in my beautiful hand made dress......what was there stretched out across the back of the front seats so I could see it clearly?  THE BOW with a face nonetheless!  It also made it's way to the "head table" as such at our reception where Jason and I were sitting along with some Mt. Dew I might add!!!  (yes, when people who flew over asked what I wanted I said please bring Mt. Dew :) that should tell you something about me right there!) 

Now you know the crazy fun that runs in our family :) !!!!!  LOVE IT!!!

 OK so this  picture was taken before the second shelf unit was put up this weekend, but you get the idea.....
 and turn a bit.....
 our third couch......
 the french doors that lead into the room from the house.....

 And....tada!!!!!  The tv units completed- THANKS to Jason!!!!!!!
And well Teddy - our indoor dog wanted to be in on it!

So this weekend we filled in a hole in our yard, plated one of two lemon trees, reorganized our books- remember they were all on the the "kids" book shelves in our homeschool room, started up our refrigerator we brought with us.....and will eventually move the one refrigerator out to the garage :), and got other bits and pieces done too including relaxing in the pool and talking about our vacation at is coming up soon.  It may get too "cold" to use the pool soon :(  Bummer- it is getting down to the low 60's at night now.  So even with the solar is getting cooler.  Oh well, the kids are swimming today- didn't stop them!

Also PLEASE HELP ME ADVOCATE FOR THESE PRECIOUS CHILDREN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They are sooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Love your TV room! The colors are fabulous!
    I loved reading about your dress! What a cute story! Your Mom in law sounds super sweet! =)

  2. Hi Dawn
    It is lovely to catch up on your news. LOL at the bow story ~ you MIL has a wonderful sense of humour! We also did our wedding 'budget' style & haven't regretted it.
    Your family room looks fantastic!!! Love the colours you've chosen!
    Have a great day