Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I hate being sick.

 So here are some pics from The Dr. Suess area of Universal.  I LOVED IT!!!!
 I mean- how would you like to have this in your back yard????
 I think if I had lots of money and wanted to spend it frivolously......he he he- yeah......I would build this place in my back yard.   
 Of course if you build this you would have to have lots children to share it that covered!
  I just found it so much we were walking through because we of course have read A LOT of Dr. Seuss books together with the children. 
 And I love seeing it "in person". 
 And I loved even more watching my children see it "in person".
Think left and think right, Think low and think high, Oh the Thinks you can think up, if only you try!  Bye-Bye!

So can you guess my favorite area of the park?

So Friday night.....after coming home from the parks I was feeling a little icky, but not a big deal.  Just thought we were tired.  Then Saturday hit and I was down for the count!  Sunday  I thought surely this couldn't get worse (have you ever noticed you should never think that?).  Finally, Monday came and before 8am Jason had gotten all the kids ready and fed and all of us were waiting outside the doors of the local walk in clinic.  I seriously felt like death warmed over.  It was BAD.

My throat felt like razorblades had been busy.  My glands were the size of softballs (and that is only a slight exaggeration), and I couldn't even swallow water- it hurt way tooo much!  I hadn't eaten hardly anything - not a good diet plan.  And for those of you that know me.....I hadn't had Mt. Dew!!!!!!!  That is severe!!!!

But I honestly have a great reason to really hate being sick!  Not just the total waste of time, not getting to spend time with my precious babes, or any of that- although it is.  No this comes from a deep part in my life.  A time when having lots of radiation made me sick - daily.  As in puking up what was not there.  **I had radiation in the abdominal area**.

Then after radiation was over and my great tan on my stomach in the middle of winter which no one saw except me blood counts were low......really low.  They warned my mom about the seriousness of becoming too sick could spell out for me.  So she did what any mom would do- she protected me.  I had to wear a silly looking mask all the time.  That was a fashion statement!  I wasn't allowed to go out for any little girls sports- not that there really were any at that time anyway.

But for me even years afterward in middle school my inability to fight anything off took it's toll on me.  I hated being sick.  To me it was just one more reminder that I couldn't do things like everyone else.  It was a reminder of doing tons of "make up work" which is code for EVIL!  You know trying to do all your work without anyone to explain it to you.  Although my mother tried hard!!!!!  And she did do A LOT!!!!!!!  Trust me!!!!

There was a time I marched in to a teacher's office and declared his grading system unfair because part of  the grade was based on attendance.  I had been sick 3 of 4 weeks.  Told you it was bad at times.  I just couldn't get over, you guessed it, strep throat.  It got so bad they started doing testing for other things.  Being the competitive person about grades (which was my older brother Doug's fault I assure you) I told him what I thought of his policies.  I told him that normally I would agree, but that it was null and void when it simply is NOT a person's fault for being sick. 

In fact one of my earlier memories of school because I don't have lots of really early memories (part of the blocking out when things happen to you)....was when my teacher gave me a list for spelling and told me to copy it.  No problem I did that.  When she returned to the room she got all upset at me and said it was the wrong list.  I thought- are you serious?  I am the student.  I am just a kid.  And I was gone because of major surgery and radiation!!!!!!  I don't think that was a nice response.  Just sayin'.

So these past 5 days now....this has been on my mind.  Flashbacks of doing homework after puking my guts out at the hospital, teachers not responding well to me, people working against me when I was trying soo hard.  Well one thing is for sure!  My kids don't have to fear - I am not a homework meanie :)  I won't grade them if they are sick!  And there is no consequences for trying to just get through the day when you aren't feeling well here!

So are you new to my blog- oh you say you haven't heard my miracle story?  Awesome- GO HERE!  And see the MIGHTY WORKS that God has done in my life :)  I can assure you that although I hate being sick- I PRAISE GOD DAILY for HIS MIRACLES IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Beautifil post by a beautiful persom!

  2. that place looks so fun! i wish we had an amusement place here! ANYTHING! feel better soon my friend!

  3. LOVE Dr. Suess! So sorry that you're still sick - that is the worst feeling. Just keep praising God, girl! You are an inspiration...

  4. Hope you're feeling better SOON!!!!!!!!

  5. I hope you feel better soon! My husband is the same way! he had cancer at 14 and now has a hard time getting rid of the 'littlest' colds. I can easily lay him out for a full week! You will definitely be in our thoughts and prayers as this is your vacation too! Double bummer! thinking of you!

  6. Just read your miracle story. Amazing! My dad was diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer a couple of weeks ago. It was a huge shock to our family. He has complete faith that God will heal him. Several people that have been praying said they feel that God has told them that my dad would be healed. Amazing. We are praying for that miracle to happen to my dad.

    Loved reading your blog, by the way. :)