Friday, October 7, 2011

Film Review - Courageous

 So what do you do with your time off?  I think most of us take some time to just relax and hang out.  Which is GREAT!
 Some of us enjoy hobbies- running, biking, searching the internet for something you want to know about, reading blogs, listening or creating music, reading, scrapbooking, baking......
 All of these things are great!!!  But what about our intentional use of time.  I am talking about intentionally saying I spend time with my husband/wife, children, with extended family, with the church.  In fact just starting with your family is sometimes harder. 
 So going to the movie Courageous- WAS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  If you have not seen it- DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  It opened in the top 5 this past weekend and was shown on 1/2 the screens of the other movies- that tells you something right there!!!  It had tragedy/loss, hard topics we have to discuss with our children, and a call to ALL FATHERS to do something hard even when it seems easier not to.  BE COURAGEOUS for God, for their families, for the church, to support others. 
 Now unless some of you might think that I am stating that only fathers have to do this- that is in NO WAY my point or the film's point.  BUT in scripture I truly believe that your husband is the head of the home- spiritually, and in every other way.  I didn't always feel that way.  I thought - it's no big deal for me to take over leadership- but I have seen and have had a counseling with other godly women and the holy spirit and found it to be a mistake! 
 You see there is a reason men and women are meant to be different!!!  Can we both be doctors- YES, should we get paid the same- YES!  BUT that doesn't mean that we won't do things and are just simply created differently.  This film is about men taking a stand!  And women who rejoice when the husband does so!!!!  AMEN!!!!  I don't know about you, but when I SLOWLY allowed my husband to fulfill his role as it should made my life easier!  Yep, that is right!!!  You see the way I have it figured I have enough to do as it, cooking, educating, and guiding our children- sounds like enough for me!!  My husband's job is to PROTECT and PROVIDE!!!  This my sisters in Christ who read this is their JOB!  It is the reason they are to be the head of the house!!!! 
 Let's just say I am not perfect at this, but the film was another reminder to me that I have been BLESSED with a husband who is a wonderful spiritual leader!  If you have a husband like this- can I get an AMEN?  If you are not blessed with a hubby that leads well.......have you ever truly allowed him to do so.  And I mean - stepped OUT OF THE WAY and let him do it ALL!!!!!  No leadership from you, just encouragement to allow HIM to lead the way!  Because most men have never even seen what a leader is supposed to be like.  In our TV shows and movies men are the laughing stock.  In our own growing up - who was the leader?  I can say easily and quickly it was my dad!  Even when he was a truck driver- my mom said very often to us - I don't know yet....let me talk to your dad about that.  I also know MANY MANY homes are NOT this way.
 The movie was sooo supportive of really spending that intentional time.  I hate the word quality time because I think our society has made that a joke.  It is code for something you do to let your kids be in control for a few minutes so they will like you.  I am talking truly taking time to point out to your husband/wife/children that you LOVE THEM!  Pointing out great qualities that they have, their gifts you see that they have - not just playing music well or playing sports well, or doing school well- although these are important.  Telling them you see that they have compassion, a caring side, or a talent for leadership, a talent for teaching, or preaching, or giving, or encouraging- ways to edify the Body of Christ.  When is the last time you told your family members anything like this?  When is the last time you spoke powerful words of BLESSING over your children?  Yeah, sometimes I forget that this is what our family NEEDS from us over and over and over again.
 When is the last time we got down on our children's eye level and really had a heart to heart chat about God's desires for them.  About what they truly enjoy doing, about dating, about s*x, about what is important to you.  LIFE IS TOO SHORT!  (well really I am sooo looking forward to going HOME to heaven)  Don't waste a single minute NOT enjoying and I mean TRULY enjoying your family!!!
You can start with me today!!!  Start praying for your husbands to become the leader in your homes.  To take the responsibility of leading spiritually.  Will your hubby's be perfect- hello!!!  NO they won't and neither will you.  You will jump in like I do on occasion and cut them off.......but when you do.....won't your hubby be surprised if you apologize and work with him again?  Yeah that will show him you mean business!!  That will prove you are on his side and not working against him!!!!

The movie Courageous was a movie that I can't wait until it comes out on dvd because honestly there are sooo many things to learn from remember over and over again.  I can say this- the movie is very inspiring for Christian Families and for those who are not there yet. 

Oh and in case you are wondering........the pics above were just hanging out relaxing at home pics from last weekend (don't know how Elizabeth snuck out on the picture taking??).  And our kids discovered that there is indeed metal in the walls along the edges- he he cute when they make discoveries.  Which brings a lot of questions and some great fun things to explore and have fun with!

Oh and I just had to say that last night while I was shopping I got to talk to not one person but 3 about adoption, orphan care, what we can was AWESOME!!!!!  God sure knows my passion about caring for children all over the world!!!  :)  LOVE SHARING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. You've got one "Amen" from me! I too have been blessed beyond measure by a wonderful husband who is a Godly leader in our home. Haven't seen "Courageous" yet, but I've heard good things about it!

  2. Saw the movie it!
    I also love the "Courageous" song by Casting Crowns. My favorite line is "...the only way we'll ever STAND is on our KNEES with hands upheld..." So true...

  3. LOVE this post! I cannot, cannot, cannot, cannot wait to see the movie!! Can't wait to bump into you again at church!

  4. haha, I thought that you were bringing new meaning to the verse about "Posting God's word on your doorframes."

    Thanks for the review, I do want to see this movie with my husband.

    Also I've never commented on your blog, but I'm very inspired and blessed by your family and have been following for quite a while. Congratulations on your monumental decision and may the Lord bless your process. He already knows the baby you will get.

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